Inter BEE 2024

Special 2020.10.01 UP

Would you want to create a new style of exhibition together? Accepting Exhibitors for Inter BEE 2020!


There have been many online exhibitors this year, and Inter BEE believes that a hybrid model of online and physical exhibition will be the new format in the coming years. In that sense, we would like to make this year’s online exhibition the first step towards shaping a new style of exhibition, and we would like to create and shape this exhibition with our exhibitors.

Registration is not necessary to access the site for casual access for the Visitors.


For most previous exhibitions registration was a necessity to even browse the exhibition, this may have been natural for the purpose of a physical exhibition. At Inter BEE, we have made it easy to view the exhibition without registration. As Inter BEE believe online exhibitions should be public and open to all visitors. However, we encourage visitors to register to obtain information, such as, downloadable documents, demonstration/presentation video, etc. In addition, all visitors must register to view any content of conferences and seminar from the exhibitors.

External links are allowed to increase visitor traffic to their official website.


Inter BEE allows exhibitors to post external links from their exhibitor’s page, as the mindset of Inter BEE is “because it is online, make it an open place.” We believe that online exhibitions to be public and an open space for visitors to enjoy the content, in turn increasing traffic to the exhibitors. We can only hope that our visitor base can be used as a gateway to increased traffic of the exhibitor’s company website.

Flexible layouts and useful templates


Inter BEE’s exhibition space provides templates for easy placement of text, images and videos. Exhibitors can simply copy and paste each element to make their page attractive, with each element laid out in variety of ways. Exhibitors will be able to change their background to an original image that best identifies with your company, embed chat function, and surveys or questionnaires to get a response from your visitors to help your business in the future.

The visitors expect the online event to be as exciting as the previous years.


Inter BEE attracts around 40,000 industry professionals each year. Based on the opinions of attendees from the previous year, many have high hopes for this year’s online event. They wouldn’t have to travel to Makuhari and browse the event whenever and wherever they wish.
In fact, the people in the media and entertainment industry seem to be looking forward to this event as a more casual participate. This will be a chance for exhibitors to take advantage of with a different approach to increase exposure.

With a hybrid exhibition in our view, a new model of exhibit is about to begin.


The Covid-19 pandemic has presented many difficulties this year, but it has accelerated the pace of Digital Transformation (DX). Various industries are now re-inventing their selves to this new style and following suit with the DX trend. Inter BEE will be able to experience the benefits of holding the event online in a major way. After this pandemic, we believe the hybrid style of having both physical and online event will take hold. We hope Inter BEE 2020 Online will be an exciting first year for the new style of exhibition.

Let’s work together to create and shape this new format of exhibition!