Inter BEE 2024

  • From this year, we will update the “Video Expression/Professional Lighting” to the “Entertainment/Lighting ” category and the “ICT/Cross-media” to the “Media Solutions” category to support trends in each field in the evolving industry. Please participate in Inter BEE 2023.
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Reasons to Exhibit

Merit 1
Networking Opportunity
You can network with many decision-makers (approx. 80% of participants)
Merit 2
Ongoing Participation
Many exhibitors have described the event as “a place where numerous business opportunities are created”.
Merit 3
Stand Presence
Exhibitors can increase their presence in the market and appeal directly to many new and potential customers in the industry
Merit 4
Online Platform
Providing an online platform to disseminate brand, product, and technical information to increase contact with users.
Merit 5
User Experience
Inter BEE is a trusted sales and marketing channel that plays an important role in the user experience in the industry.

As the door to the next generation opens, encounters and dialogue between technology and people create a new dimension of business opportunities.

The barriers between media domains are disappearing and many doors are already open for the future of the M&E industry together with the revival and rebirth of live entertainment. As the media and entertainment domain expands due to new technologies, users from more diverse fields and sectors than ever before are turning their attention to Inter BEE, seeking to meet, interact, and create business opportunities.

  • Endlessly evolving broadcasting media

    The continuous evolution of broadcasting media opens the door to new business opportunities, including the evolution of broadcasting technology solutions and broadcasting services that transform the user experience, such as the metaverse.

  • From virtual production to video marketing, the world of video/image content production continues to expand

    As virtual production enters the mainstream in video production around the world, the field of content creation and its utilization is expanding as shown by the expanding video marketing market and the growing numbers of creators.

  • Advanced content creation technology opens up new business opportunities

    Advanced content production technology that is not confined to the existing media domain is evolving at breakneck speed, pioneering new businesses that will create the society of the future.

  • Revival and revitalization of live entertainment to expand the market

    The evolution of audio, video, lighting, and streaming technologies, as well as the revival and revitalization of live entertainment, is set to expand related markets and progress into a new entertainment business.


We will proactively attract not only professionals in the media and entertainment industries, but also a broad base of users to visit the event.

The M&E industry is reaching an ever-expanding user base, with all types of companies and the general public all distributing video directly to each other. Inter BEE will continue to attract mainly professional users from related industries, but will also actively seek out new user groups.

Decision makers actively seeking new technologies and products:


Visitors who stay for more than 4 hours:55.3%

来場者の会場滞在時間 円グラフ

Scheduled to visit Inter BEE 2023:88.8%

Exhibitor satisfaction in achieving objectives:91.9%

出展して満足と回答した出展者 円グラフ

Main Visitors(Results from visitor's business type in 2022)


Maximize the use of online venues to attract a wide range of users.

In response to the achievements and expectations of the hybrid of "Makuhari Messe venue" and the "online venue," make the most of the opportunity to communicate and approach a wider audience.

  • The online venue is launching on November 6.


    We will be sending out information on pre-sessions and exhibitions to attract as many interested parties as possible to the Makuhari Messe venue.

  • On-site exhibitors will be provided with a free "Online exhibitor page" to increase the benefits of exhibiting.


    By sending out information on the online exhibitor page in advance, you can increase opportunities for business negotiations at your booth. After the Makuhari Messe exhibition, the online exhibitor page can be archived and can be used for post-event sales promotion activities.

Online-only exhibition is also available. The online exhibitor seminar can be used in conjunction with the online exhibitor seminar to appeal to an even greater number of users.

Please click here for more on Online-only Exhibition

IClick here to download the Inter BEE 2023 Exhibition Guide

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