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Terms of Service

Usage of “Inter BEE online”( yearly Inter BEE official Web site, both of which are owned and operated by Japan Electronics Show Association (below, “The Association”) constitutes acceptance of these Terms of Usage, and agreement with their content.

Handling of Personal Information

Information such as registered user information, and information regarding users received by The Association shall be handled in adherence with the “Law Protecting Personal Information”. The Association shall adhere to the Privacy Policy that it has established separately.

About Copyright

Copyright, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights for the content belong to The Association or to the provider of said information; furthermore, copyright, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights regarding “Inter BEE online”, which is a collection of individual content items, also belongs to The Association.

Accordingly, users may not take any actions that infringe upon intellectual property rights, such as reprinting, copying, publishing, broadcasting, or transmitting publicly all of, or part of the content provided on the “Inter BEE online” and yearly Inter BEE official Web sites without prior authentication from The Association, nor may they cause third parties to do the same.

Service Cessation or Suspension

1. The Association may, in the event that any of the following apply, permanently cease or temporarily suspend usage of all or part of their service without providing advance notification to registered users.

  • (1) In the event of periodic or emergency inspections and maintenance work carried out on computer systems related to The Association's service.
  • (2) In the event of stoppages resulting from trouble with computers or communications lines.
  • (3) In the event of Force Majeure such as fires, power outages, and acts of providence that prevent operation of the service.
  • (4) In the event of other reasons for which The Association judges that cessation or suspension are required.

2. The Association shall be in no way held responsible for damages caused to registered users as a result of measures taken based upon the provisions in the preceding clause.

Prohibited Actions

  • 1) Actions that infringe upon, or could infringe upon copyright, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights.
  • 2) Actions that obstruct usage of The Association’s sites.
  • 3) Actions that are in contravention of laws, or that may induce such contraventions.
  • 4) Actions that cause economic harm to other parties.
  • 5) Actions that damage the reputation or credibility of other parties.
  • 6) Actions that infringe upon the privacy of other parties.
  • 7) Actions that libel other parties.
  • 8) Collecting and storing personal information belonging to other users, or attempting to do so.
  • 9) Actions that are considered problematic from a socially accepted, ethical point of view, such as morally questionable acts, or creating ill will towards other parties.
  • 10) Actions such as the transmission, posting, provision, or display of indecent images, documents, or other materials.
  • 11) Actions that are offensive to public order and morals, or that disadvantage other parties.
  • 12) Actions that obstruct, or may obstruct the usage or operation of telecommunications facilities.
  • 13) Actions that obstruct other parties’ operation, input, and other actions in the usage of services on The Association’s sites.
  • 14) Usage, provision, or recommendation of harmful computer programs such as computer viruses.
  • 15) Resale or diversion of services provided by The Association.
  • 16) Actions that disadvantage or inconvenience other parties, such as requests for forwarding of chain mail.
  • 17) Other actions that The Association considers inappropriate, for reasons of their being socially unacceptable, their being offensive to public order and morals, or their infringing upon the rights of other users.

Links to Other Sites

Services in The Association’s site may include links to other Web sites and resources. The Association does not administer said sites and resources, therefore shall be in no way held responsible as regards the propriety of usage of said links. Additionally, The Association shall be in no way held directly or indirectly responsible for content, advertisements, goods, products, and services, etc., on these sites and resources. Rights and obligations of users in their usage of said sites and resources shall be as specified by the party that administers these, and is not the concern of The Association.


The Association shall be in no way held responsible for damages or losses incurred to users through their usage of, or inability to use the services provided by The Association. The Association shall be in no way held responsible for damages or losses incurred to users through their usage of the services, including as a result of changes to these terms, or alteration, temporarily suspension of, or removal of the service. The Association shall make no guarantees as regards the operation of equipment utilized by users in the usage of the services. The Association shall not be held responsible for other damages that may occur as a result of usage of these services.