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    Inter BEE 2023

    November 15th(Wednesday) to November 17th(Friday)
    ONLINE:November 6th(Monday) - December 15th(Friday)
    Exhibiting companies: 1,005
    No.of visitors
    Makuhari Messe:31,702

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    Inter BEE 2022

    November 16th(Wednesday) to November 18th(Friday)
    ONLINE: - December 23rd(Friday)
    Exhibiting companies: 810
    No.of visitors
    Makuhari Messe:26,901

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    Inter BEE 2021

    November 17th(Wednesday) to November 19th(Friday)
    ONLINE: - December 17th(Monday)
    Exhibiting companies: 495
    No.of visitors
    Makuhari Messe:18,308

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    Inter BEE 2020 ONLINE

    November 18th(Wednesday) to 20th(Friday)
    Exhibiting companies: 140
    No.of visitors: 21,056

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    Inter BEE 2019

    November 13th(Wednesday) to 15th(Friday)
    Exhibiting companies: 1,158
    No. of visitors:40,375

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    Inter BEE 2018

    November 14th(Wednesday) to 16th(Friday)
    Exhibiting companies: 1,152
    No. of visitors:40,839


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