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Please carefully read the following:

*If you are a first-time participant, please provide the URL for your company profile and product information.


Application information

RequiredExhibit Experience
RequiredNumber of Booths applied for
Standard Booth

Standard fee 1booth ¥297,000

Member fee 1booth ¥264,000

Booth Configuration
Small Package Booths

1booth ¥170,500

Package Display Kit
Total amount
JPY (including consumption tax)
Required Booth Location Categories
Professional Audio Equipment
Audio Equipment
MA and Studio Systems
PA and Live Systems
Radiobroadcast Systems
High-End Consumer Equipment
Video Expression / Professional Lighting Equipment
Large Video Equipment
Video Expression Technologies
Digital Contents
Digital Signage
Live Viewing
Live Entertainment
Stage and Outdoor Lighting Equipment
Studio Lighting Equipment
Video Production / Broadcast Equipment
Broadcasting Equipment Total System
Enterprise System / Program Production Systems
Relay Systems / Transmission Systems
Various Broadcasting-related Equipment and Services
Stand-by and Peripheral Products
Publications / Publicities
ICT / Cross Media
Cloud Services / AI
Video Delivery
Mobile network
Broadcasting Services
Digital Cinema
Advertising and Marketing
Viewing Devices
Movie Production
4K/8K Technologies for Other Industries

Name(s) of exhibitor

Required Company Information
Exhibitor Name

*Please provide the name(s) of exhibitors to be posted at relevant sites.

*Joint exhibitors are limited to two companies.

ex) Japan Electronics Show Association

RequiredHead Office Address
Zip code

ex) 100-0004

Head Office Address

ex) 4F, Ote Center Bldg, 1-1-3, Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo Japan

Website URL
Japanese Required




Collaboration / Neighboring / Cooperative Exhibitions

Collaboration exhibitions
Neighboring exhibitions
Cooperative exhibitions

Exhibitor applicant

※Personal information provided in the above section may be shared with third-party subcontractors subject to privacy policy to protect personal information, whenever necessary for providing services.

Required I agree to the above (check box if you agree)
> Privacy policy
Required Exhibition Supervisor
Company name

ex) Japan Electronics Show Association

Zip code

ex) 100-0004


ex) 4F, Ote Center Bldg, 1-1-3, Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo Japan

Name of Exhibition Supervisor

ex) Taro Yamada


ex) Manager


ex) Management Div.

Confirm E-mail

Person in charge of our exhibit

Required Exhibit Representative
Company Name

ex) Japan Electronics Show Association

Job Title

ex) Manager


ex) Taro Yamada

Required Inter BEE 2021 Agreement

On behalf of my company, I hereby acknowledge that I have read, understood and will comply with the Inter BEE 2021 Exhibition Regulations including following cancellation fees and herewith apply to exhibit.

> Inter BEE 2021 Exhibition Regulations

If an exhibitor cancels or reduces the number of booth spaces applied or, regardless of the reason, some or all of the following cancellation fees will apply. Consumption tax will be added to all fees.

* The information input is encrypted and then transmitted.