Inter BEE 2024


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Through 'collaboration' across company boundaries
we propose the possibilities of 'DX in content production'.

Companies are invited to participate in advance preparations and booth deployment for the INTER BEE DX x IP PAVILION. Upgrade from IP PAVILION, which fully utilised Media over IP technology and proposed "system sharing" methods.By incorporating the new themes of 'AI', 'Cloud' and 'Security' into the main theme of 'IP', we aim to develop a booth that proposes more efficient next-generation content production.



Period November 13 (Wed) ~ November 15 (Fri)
Venue Makuhari Messe
Admissions Free (Registration required)
Participation Requirements
  • *Companies/organisations that will participate from the planning and consideration stage and promote the project by sharing the responsibility.
  • *Companies/organisations that are willing to provide actual equipment, explanatory panels, personnel, etc. for the actual equipment connection demonstrations at INTER BEE DX x IP PAVILION.
  • ※When exhibiting equipment, only equipment related to any of the following and in actual operation under certain conditions may be exhibited.
  • ・ Equipment and services that support Media over IP technology (ST 2110, ST 2059, NMOS), AI services that can be used for
  • ・Cloud services (X as a Service) that can be used for content production and transmission
  • ・Equipment and services that enable network security measures for broadcasting
  • ・Security consulting services and seminar services for the broadcasting industry (e.g. the three principles of information security).
Fee Inter BEE 2024 Exhibitor ¥110,000(tax incl.)
Inter BEE 2024 Non Exhibitor ¥330,000 (tax incl.)
Incidental Options
  • ・Posting of your company logo on the official Inter BEE website and the pavilion in Makuhari Messe
  • ・Establishment of posters and pamphlets introducing the products and solutions you are exhibiting in INTER BEE DX x IP PAVILION (planned)
  • <Things Which Require Separate Arrangements and Applications>
  • ・Expenses relating to the loading/unloading and installation of equipment including advance preparations (including transportation expenses and personnel expenses)
  • ・Content production costs when creating posters (the Executive Office will supply the design format)
  • ・Inter-booth connection expenses (cable connection to your booth from the INTER BEE DX x IP PAVILION etc.)
  • ・Internet environment relating to the demo (line required separately on an individual basis including Wi-Fi etc.)

Option: Exhibition Unit

This is a plan for participants who want to exhibit their products and solutions on an individual basis in the INTER BEE DX x IP PAVILION.
Exhibition unit: 990 mm (frontage) x 2,700 mm (height) x 700 mm (depth)

Option usage fee: 1 unit ¥111,100(tax incl.)

  • ・You can apply for multiple units.
  • ・Items included in the usage fee:
    Basic exhibition stand, exhibition back wall surface, sign of your company name, two outlets and
    electricity supply construction expenses / electricity usage fee (1kW)
  • ※The Executive Office will determine the booth locations within the DX x IP PAVILION.
  • ※The exhibition contents are limited to goods related to the DX x IP PAVILION.
  • ※When connecting to the Internet from this unit booth and when connecting to the actual machine connection demo, you will be required to make your own arrangements as with the normal exhibition.
  • ※The use of this option is limited to participants in the DX x IP Collaboration WG.


Exhibition Application

Please download the "Exhibitor Guide and Application Form" below to apply.
Exhibition Guideline & Application Form

Application Deadline

Friday, June 28, 2024

  • ※If you would to apply after this deadline, you would be required to obtain the approval of the DX x IP Collaboration WG due to the nature of the collaboration project. We will also charge you an additional fee.
Operation Schedule

We will hold meetings mainly remotely on a periodic basis.

Early July Final decision on participants
July to mid-October Demonstration system study and design
Late October Advance verification
November 11,12(Mon/Tue) Demonstration system launch (Makuhari Messe)
For Inquiries

Japan Electronics Show Association (JESA)
〒100-0004 Ote Center Building, 1-1-3 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
If you have any questions regarding the exhibition, please contact us using this inquiry form.