Inter BEE 2024

Optional services


We will provide you with an information leaflet that allows you to promote your exhibition efficiently.
The invitation includes contents such as venue booth maps, exhibitor lists, conference programs, and directions for attending to promote visitors.
We have two versions - paper-based (Japanese only) and digital (Japanese and English) - so you could distribute them to your customers and stakeholders according to your promotional style.

Reference : Inter BEE 2023 Digital Invitation

Paper-based Invitation (Japanese only)

Exhibitors will be provided with the desired number of sheets free of charge.
Please use it to attract visitors to Inter BEE, such as by handing it out when your company's representatives visit customers.


※You can apply from the exhibitor manual that will be distributed at a later date. Please apply for the number of sheets you will use.

Digital Invitation (Japanese and English)

This is a digital version of the guide, and the pages can be turned like an e-book, making it easy to view on smartphones and tablets.
We also have English version to use for foreign customers.

Customized function Original invitations can be created!

The cover can be set to your company's own image to create an original information leaflet! By using an image that includes your company logo and booth number, you can more effectively guide visitors to your booth.
In addition, a unique URL will be issued, so you can promote your "exhibition" and "exhibition teaser" at the same time by sending an e-mail or posting it on your company's website!


※Digital invitations can be created from each exhibitor-only site.