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Exhibitor Categories
Products to be Exhibited

Media Solutions

Media Solutions

Cloud Services, AI, Image Recognition Technology, Image Identification Technology, Image Analysis Technology, AI Video Editting Tool, Facial Recognition Systems, Archive Management System, Application Development Tool, Video Content Analysis Systems, Web Content Development API, OS Middleware, Data Manager/Analysis Software, Video-conferencing, Other Media Solutions related

Video Delivery

Video Delivery Systems / Software, Server, HDD, Large Scale Storage, Video Delivery Platform, OTT, Internet Broadcasting Systems, IPTV, IPDC, Video On-demand Systems, CDN, H.264 Decoder / Encoders, HEVC Decoder / Encoder, Transcoders, FPGA / ASIC, eSports / eGaming, Other Video Delivery

Broadcasting/Network Service

4K/8K Broadcasting, Satellite Broadcasting, Cable Television, Multimedia Broadcast, Hybrid Cast, Radio Broadcasting, Connected TV, IP Service, 5G, Wireless Systems, Other Mobile Networks, Other Broadcasting/Network Services

Digital Cinema

Digital Cinema Cameras, Digital Cinema Filming Systems, Digital Cinema Editing Systems, Digital Cinema Delivery Systems, Digital Cinema Servers, On-demand Services and Contents, Related High Dynamic Range Equipment, Other Digital Cinema

Advertising and Marketing

Advertising Video Creation Services, Video Marketing, Ad Tech / MarTech, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Audience Measurement, Other Advertising and Marketing

Movie Production

Digital Cameras, Smart Devices, Action Cameras / Wearable Cameras, Interchangeable Lens, Video Recording Accessories / Modules, Video Editing Software, Remote Camera, Other Movie Production

4K/8K/16K Technologies for Other Industries

4K/8K Security Systems, 4K/8K Medical Systems, 4K/8K Education and Academic Systems, Other 4K/8K/16K Technologies