Inter BEE 2024

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Media Solutions

Media Solutions

Cloud Services, AI-powered services, Image Recognition Technology, Image Identification Technology, Image Analysis Technology, AI Video Editting Tool, AI-driven communication, Facial Recognition Systems, Archive Management System, Application Development Tool, Video Content Analysis Systems, Web Content Development API, OS Middleware, Data Manager/Analysis Software, Video-conferencing, Other Media Solutions related

Video Delivery

Video Delivery Systems / Software, Server, HDD, Large Scale Storage, Video Delivery Platform, OTT, Internet Broadcasting Systems, IPTV, IPDC, Video On-demand Systems, CDN, H.264 Decoder / Encoders, HEVC Decoder / Encoder, Transcoders, FPGA / ASIC, eSports / eGaming, Other Video Delivery

Broadcasting/Network Service

4K/8K Broadcasting, Satellite Broadcasting, Cable Television, Multimedia Broadcast, Hybrid Cast, Radio Broadcasting, Connected TV, IP Service, 5G, Wireless Systems, Other Mobile Networks, Other Broadcasting/Network Services

Digital Cinema

Digital Cinema Cameras, Digital Cinema Filming Systems, Digital Cinema Editing Systems, Digital Cinema Delivery Systems, Digital Cinema Servers, On-demand Services and Contents, Related High Dynamic Range Equipment, Other Digital Cinema

Advertising and Marketing

Advertising Video Creation Services, Video Marketing, Ad Tech / MarTech, Digital Marketing, Audience Measurement, Other Advertising and Marketing

Movie Production

Digital Cameras, Smart Devices, Action Cameras / Wearable Cameras, Interchangeable Lens, Video Recording Accessories / Modules, Video Editing Software, Remote Camera, Other Movie Production

4K/8K/16K Technologies for Other Industries

4K/8K Security Systems, 4K/8K Medical Systems, 4K/8K Education and Academic Systems, Other 4K/8K/16K Technologies