Inter BEE 2024

Exhibition Regulations

Please click here to download the Exhibition Guide and Application Form.

3. Exhibition Application, Payment of Booth Fees and Allocation of Booths

3-1. Exhibitor eligibility

Corporations and organizations involved with products included in the following list or related businesses are eligible to participate in Inter BEE:

  • Equipment manufactures
  • Broadcasting and communications companies
  • Trading and distribution companies
  • Newspapers, magazines and other publishing companies
  • Government organization, administrative corporations, public-interest corporations, nonprofit public and industry organizations
  • Electronic components, devices,and materials manufacturers
  • Software and content production companies
  • Service companies
  • Educational and research institutes

1. Advertising companies and other related agencies are not allowed to represent any company that exhibits products even if said products are included in the aforementioned list of eligible businesses or products.

2. Applications from any persons involved in bankruptcy, composition, receivership, civil rehabilitation, corporate reorganization proceedings, or persons who are suspended from current account transactions from financial institutions will not be accepted.
Similarly, applications from any persons deemed by the Association to be involved in similar circumstances will not be accepted. If an exhibitor company is found to fall into one of the categories described above after the contract has been concluded, the contract will be voided and that company will not be permitted to exhibit. In such a case, participation fees paid by exhibitors will be refunded.

3. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to refuse applications from companies that have violated regulations at a previous show or whose activities may be considered detrimental to visitors and/or other exhibitors regardless of, in prior to, or after holding an exhibitor contract. In such case, paid booth fees will be refunded. (see section 2-4: Exhibit application and contract agreement)

4. Regarding to the above, if deemed necessary by the Association, an investigation or inquiry into the surrounding circumstances will be conducted.

3-2. Exhibition application and contract agreement

Please download the application form to book your exhibit space.

Download the brochure of exhibition Guide(PDF:7.54MB)

Download the Application Form(PDF:157KB)

To apply for and contract exhibition space, fill in the information required on the exhibition contract application form, and submit the form to the Show Management Secretariat of the Japan Electronics Show Association (JESA), which will confirm your full understanding of the exhibition regulations.
Upon receiving the application form, the Show Management Secretariat will send a receipt confirmation notice via e-mail.
The receiving date stated in this confirmation e-mail is regarded as the contract date, whereupon exhibitors are liable for participation fees.
However, the Organizing Committee reserves the right to advise exhibitors on the most appropriate location for their booths.
In addition, exhibitors are required to submit one application per Category if applying for booth spaces in multiple Categories.

1. Application deadlines
First application deadline Friday, May 31st Applicants may participate in the primary booth allocation lot drawing
Second application deadline Friday, June 28th Booths will be picked from the available spaces after the lottery drawing.

*Applications may be closed if all booth spaces have been filled prior to the deadline.

After the Second application deadline
Applications will be accepted after June 29th or until all available booth spaces are taken.
Online-only Exhibition
Application deadline: Friday, August 30th
The exhibitor page is limited to one page per company. However, two companies can be listed for joint exhibition. It is possible to apply for multiple categories and multiple pages.
2. Applications should be sent to:

Japan Electronics Show Association (JESA) 4F Ote Center Bldg., 1-1-3 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0004

3-3. Cooperative exhibitions or neighboring exhibitions which involve more than two companies

Exhibitors who wish to maximize the effects of exhibitions by holding cooperative exhibitions with group / affiliated companies in one booth or neighboring exhibitions with other companies, must submit applications according to the following criteria.

1. Collaboration exhibitions (If an application is made by one firm, but wishes to exhibit under the names of multiple companies)
  • (a) One of the exhibiting companies should submit an application and pay booth fees.
  • (b) Please fill in and submit “Collaboration exhibitor registration form” which is sent to you by the Show Management Secretariat upon completion of application of cooperative exhibitions. By submitting this form, you can print the names of affiliated companies on the lists and the layout.
2. Neighboring exhibitions (If multiple firms join together booths and use them as one space)
  • (a) Each company should apply and pay its booth fees separately.
  • (b) The total number of booths requested by each company must conform.
  • (c) The position of booths will be decided by the lot drawing among the total number of booths applied for.
  • (d) We will confirm in a questionnaire if the exhibitors want seperate booth numbers and a dividing side panel.
3. Cooperative exhibitions (When multiple companies wish to exhibit in close proximity across a passageway)
  • (a) We will accept applications for partner exhibits only in the following cases:
  • ・Applications by group companies with capital ties
  • ・Applications by companies with a formal reseller contractual relationship (must have been made public)
  • ・Applications by one dealer exhibiting with different brand names
  • ・Applications by companies exhibiting products and services that have been jointly developed in the booths of both parties. (must have been made public)
  • (b) Each of the companies applicable to one of the above must make an exhibit application and pay the booth fee.
  • (c) Booth locations will be determined in advance by the secretariat, except for Exhibition Halls 4, 5, and 6 (exceptions will be made if the exhibiting sections are limited to Halls 4, 5, and 6). Booth location cannot be selected. Please note that we may not be able to meet your request depending on the type of booth.
  • (d) We cannot accept applications for partner exhibits for the purpose of fixing the position of your booths outside the lottery.
  • (e) We do not allow linking of standard booths and small package booths.
  • (f) Please be aware we reserve the right to refuse applications if we cannot verify validity of the cooperative exhibitions. Also, please be aware that we cannot accommodate your requests concerning the configuration of booths.

3-4. Payment of booth fees

Booth space payments are to be paid via electronic bank transfer according to the schedule below. JESA will issue an invoice and designate the bank account for remittance at this time. Checks and promissory notes are not acceptable as payment.
Transfer fees are to be borne by the exhibitor.

Exhibitors for First deadline Wednesday, July 31st
Exhibitors for Second deadline Friday, August 30th
Online-only Exhibitors Monday, September 30th

3-5. Cancellation or reducing the number of booths

If an exhibitor cancels or reduces the number of booth spaces applied or, regardless of the reason, some or all of the following cancellation fees will apply. Consumption tax will be added to all fees.

July 1st to 31st 60% of exhibition booth fee
August 1st to 31st 80% of exhibition booth fee
After September 1st 100% of exhibition booth fee
Online-only Exhibition
After October 1st 100% of the exhibition fee

Please notify us promptly of cancellations of exhibitions, and additions / reductions of booth spaces. Please fill in and submit “Application for booth cancellation or changes for number of booth(s)” that is sent to you by the Show Management Secretariat. The Show Management Secretariat will inform you that it has received the application as a confirmation.

3-6. Transition to online-only exhibition from booth exhibition due to cancellation

If you cancel your booth and the cancellation fee exceeds JPY 880,000 (including tax), you will be able to transfer to the online-only exhibition at no additional cost.
If the cancellation fee is less than JPY 880,000 (including tax), the difference between the cancellation fee and JPY 880,000 will be added to the total fee.

3-7. Allocation of booths

Booth locations will be determined by lot drawing. Lots will be drawn among exhibitors who have the same number of booths or share the same configuration in the same categories. However, depending on actual conditions at the booth allocation, lots may be drawn among exhibitors who have approximately the same number of booth spaces (±10 spaces) in the same stage (i.e. exhibitors with 25 to 35 booth spaces). In addition, exhibitors in the Professional Lighting category may illuminate towards the ceiling; however, considering the influence on surrounding exhibitors, please note that such exhibitors’ booth will be located at the far end of show space.

▶▶ The drawing of lots is scheduled for early August
The booth allocation lottery will be held online.

Primary Booth Allocation Lottery
Exhibitors who apply by May 31st will be eligible to participate in the primary lot drawing. If an exhibitor changes the number of booths applied for after July, the order of lot drawing may be adjusted by the Organizing Committee.
Secondary Selection
Exhibitors who apply between June 1st and June 28th will be selected from available booth spaces in the order of earliest application.

1. Spare booth spaces
If booth spaces remain available at the end of the lot drawing dates, the remaining spaces will be placed on the floor as spare booths.
Exhibitors submitting applications after June 29th, can select their booth locations from the available spare booths on a first-come, first-served basis.

2. Fixed booth spaces

The Organizing Committee has determined the following booth spaces to be fixed:
(a) Because lots are drawn among exhibitors with the same number and type of booths in the same exhibit zones, an exhibitor not meeting this criterion will be afforded a fixed booth space(s).

(b) Cooperative exhibitors

(c) Overseas cooperative exhibitors and related domestic exhibitors.

3. Utility booths will be setup in spare open spaces after the booth lot drawing is completed. However, exhibitors should be aware that further changes in booth allocation may occur due to exhibitor cancellations, reduction in booth spaces, etc.

4. The position of entry ways and the use of block booths by exhibitors may be adjusted by the Organizing Committee in consideration of overall visitor flow.

5. Overhead lighting
Full overhead lighting delivers approximately 500 lux, but exhibitors in the Video Production and Broadcast Equipment category may choose to locate their booths in areas where all overhead lighting is decreased (approximately 50 lux). Please note that this option may not be available, depending on the ratio of visitors requesting overhead lighting.