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We have updated the exhibitor list

We have updated the exhibitor list

We have updated the exhibitor list



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Would you like to exhibit at Inter BEE? Inter BEE 2019 is aiming to develop into a "comprehensive media exhibition” which, with an emphasis on “contents”, covers "making (production)", "sending (transmission)" and "receiving (experience)" contents.

Record number of visitors last year. Inter BEE is attracting increasing attention every year as an event that is driving the media business of the future.

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We have updated the exhibitor list!
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Admission to Inter BEE is free. You can register to attend Inter BEE 2019 and make reservations to attend all the conferences online. The online pre-registration is scheduled to start in late September.

デジタルコンテンツEXPO 2019

DCEXPO is an international event on the subject of the most recent digital content technology which is the result of research in cognitive science and expressive science pertaining to not only sight and sound but also touch and smell. Both visitors and exhibitors at DCEXPO will be able to sense the future achieved by content technology.

Organized by Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association