Inter BEE 2024

Exhibitor Categories

Inter Inter BEE offers four exhibition categories, classifying products and services in the media and entertainment industry. Please select the category best suited to your product range.

Professonal Audio

Largest professional use sound business event in the country.

Audio Equipment/System, MA and Studio Systems, Audio Equipment for Theaters and Facilities, PA and Live Systems, Radiobroadcast Systems, High-End Consumer Equipment, AI Composition and Music Production System

Entertainment / Lighting

Experience space for the latest entertainment tech and media extensions.

Live Entertainment, Visual Experience Technologies, Large Video Equipment, Viewing Devices, Digital Contents, Digital Signage, e-Sports, XR(VR, AR/MR), Virtual Space, AI Design, Stage/Outdoor Lighting Equipment, Studio Lighting Equipment

Video Production / Broadcasting Equipment

The country's largest and most advanced event for video and broadcasting professionals.

Broadcasting Equipment Total System, Enterprise System/Program Production Systems, VFX, Relay Systems/Transmission Systems, Satellite IP, Film and Video Production, Production, Stand-by and Peripheral Products, Post-production, Publications/Publicities

Media Solutions

The convergence of media and telecommunications. Proposing business beyond.

Cloud Services, AI-powered services, Video Delivery, Broadcasting/Network Service, Digital Cinema, Advertising and Marketing, Movie Production, Media Solutions, 4K/8K/16K Technologies for Other Industries, Connected TV