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Optional services

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On sitefree ※Partially charged

Visitors are expected to have the certificate with QR code and linear or one-dimensional code.
We have prepared two services for reading visitor data.

Visitor Data Scanning System

We provide the rental of one barcode reader or QR code reader app
free of charge. You can use this.

Advantages of Using

・No need to enter a large number of business cards in-house. This leads to cost reduction.

・After the event, sales activities can begin smoothly.




Barcode System


・Providing dedicate devices for rental purposes.

・Information on visitor questionnaires will be included in the data supplied a week after the exhibition in a excel format.

・Exhibitors, original questionnaires may be linked to this system with additional fees.

・Exhibitors can use the Exhibitor, s Survey Code List to obtain data to create databases of individual categories and information on the interest visitors showed in individual products.

QR code system


・You can set up the app on your own device or on a rental smartphone (additional charges apply.)

・During the show, visitor data for your booth will be available in real time.

・You can instantly review the scanned data on the spot. It allows for a quick response.

・In addition to business card data, comments can be entered about visitors.

Please use it according to the exhibiting goals of each exhibitor and the convenience of your business.

Online fee

We will provide you with data on visitors who viewed the exhibitor page (website) during the exhibition period.
Please use it for your sales activities.

ONLINE Exhibitor page visitor data acquisition
Data to be provided

・Visitor data of those who watched the demo/presentation videos.

・Visitor data of those who downloaded the material.

・Visitor data of those who have logged in and visited the exhibitor's page.

※Only information on visitors who have opted in will be provided.Please note that information of visitor who have opted out will not be provided.

Acquisition fee 22,000 yen (tax included)