Inter BEE 2024

Inter BEE 2024 Preview
Inter BEE 2024 Preview


November 13 Wed. 10:00-17:30
November 14 Thu. 10:00-17:30
November 15 Fri. 10:00-17:00
Makuhari Messe
(2-1Nakase Mihamaku Chiba City)
Inter BEE 幕張会場の様子

How to register


Pre-registration is required to visit Inter BEE 2024.
It is scheduled to start at the beginning of October.
Reservations to attend the conference will also open at the same time.

Visitor‘s special services

With Inter BEE visitors' pass you will have various services in the Makuhari Messe area.
Further details will be available on this website in early November 2024.

Reference :Benefits in Inter BEE 2023

5-10% discount on food and drinks and purchased products/
50% discount on service charge/
1 free drink/
30% discount on conference room/Various gifts, etc.


Highlight of Inter BEE 2024

  • 60周年記念ロゴThis year's 60th anniversary! New projects and events will be held.

    This year marks the 60th edition of Inter BEE, which began in 1965. New projects and events are scheduled to be held, including the first ever Inter BEE AWARD. We will keep you updated on this site, so please look forward to it!

    Inter BEE AWARDイメージ図
  • Over 100 conference sessions!

    Inter BEE is of course famous for its exhibition halls,
    but it is also very popular for its 100 conference sessions, which are visited by many people.

    Conferences often feature key persons who are at the forefront of the media and entertainment industry developing in-depth discussions on their respective genres, and many sessions are full and standing-room-only every year. Popular sessions fill up quickly, so make your reservations early!

    ※Reservations for the 2024 conference attendance are scheduled to start in early October 2024, the same time as the start of the visitor pre-opening. Detailed dates will be communicated on the official website/official e-newsletter.

    100超えるコンファレンス・セッション! 100超えるコンファレンス・セッション!
  • We're doing it again this year!
    The very popular project Location Bento Lounge!

    The popular lunch box lounge, which sells out every year! This year's line-up will be announced around October.
    Please look forward to it‼

    Reference:Line-up in Inter BEE 2023

    ロケ弁ラウンジロゴ ロケ弁ラウンジ 2023ラインナップ画像
  • Students attention!
    Studnts Venue Tour in Inter BEE will be held again this year!

    This is a tour of the venue for students, which books up quickly.
    Even if you want to work in the media entertainment world in the future, you may not know what the world is really like? What kind of technologies are used? This is a rare opportunity to be led and briefed by persons in business who knows the industry inside out. Please come and join us.
    Group registration for schools (where several people can be registered at once) will also be available from early October.
    More information will be available on this website.


What is Inter BEE anyway?

Inter BEE will be developed in four categories,
bringing together the latest technology and innovation related to media and attention.

Inter BEE is a 'general media event', but the word 'media' covers a wide range of fields for the players in the industry.
This event is divided into four main categories of participants (exhibitors/special events/conferences) so that visitors can efficiently experience the event.

Divided into four divisions, the production process for content distributed to media is broken down into "Creating," "Delivery," and "Receiving," and the latest technology and innovation that handle each process is brought together.


Special events unique to Inter BEE!

Developing special projects specific to themes

One of the major differences between Inter BEE and general exhibitions is this "special event." A major feature of the special events is that they focus on the latest topics in each field and are developed across the board from exhibitions to conferences.

Venue Access/Arounding Information

More information on transport to Makuhari Messe is available here.



Information on accommodation around Makuhari Messe can be found here.