Inter BEE 2024



We will be hosting the first-ever INTER BEE AWARD.

At the 60th Inter BEE event, we will introduce the 'INTER BEE AWARD', which recognizes outstanding exhibits from products, technologies, services, software, and content showcased at Inter BEE, and announce them both domestically and internationally. This award aims to contribute to the revitalization and future development of the media and entertainment industry targeted by Inter BEE, as well as to the progress of technology and the expansion of diverse creative activities in this field.

About Application
Application Period Monday, August 5 – Monday, September 30
Application deadline Monday, September 30, 2024, 17:00
Application Requirements Inter BEE 2024 exhibitors
Application Fee Free of charge. Up to a maximum of 2 items.
How to apply (TBD) Please upload the application form from the exhibitor-only website. (Application form will be available in August)
  1. Preliminary screening (document review)
    All applications will be screened by the review committee members, including reference materials.
  2. Preliminary Screening
    Based on the results of the document review by the judges, a preliminary screening will be held to select candidates for the Minister's Award and the category awards. Exhibitors who pass the Preliminary Screening will be informed of the Final Screening after the Preliminary Screening.
  3. Final Screening(Judging at the venue)
    The judging committee members will conduct the final evaluation by visiting each booth on the opening day of the exhibition (11/13) to assess the candidates selected during the primary screening for departmental awards. They will then select the winners for each departmental award.
  4. Category Award Ceremony
    To be held during Inter BEE 2024.
Application Procedure
A maximum of two applications per exhibitor may be submitted.

・A maximum of two files of supplementary materials may be submitted per application.

  1. Materials with images/photos and technical details that provide a concrete image of the submitted project (PDF, no more than 10 pages in A4 size)
  2. Video materials: MP4 format (submission is optional)

・If you do not submit supplementary materials, there is a possibility that the information required for screening will be insufficient during the preliminary screening (document screening).

・Only technologies, products, services, etc. that will be exhibited at Inter BEE 2024 may be submitted.

Entry eligibility of each category award (important)
  • We will honor those who are highly regarded for their contributions to the revitalization and advancement of the media and entertainment industry.
Professional Audio Category Award
Products, technologies, services, software, applications, and systems related to professional-use audio equipment utilized in broadcasting stations, studios, live events, streaming facilities, etc., as well as content creation and expressive technologies incorporating these elements.
Content creation / Broadcasting & Media (Hardware & Software) Category Award
Products, technologies, services, software, applications, and systems related to video production utilized in the media sector, including content creation and expressive technologies.
Content creation / Broadcasting & Media (Total Solution) Category Award
This encompasses a wide range of products, technologies, services, software, applications, and solution systems related to video/streaming delivery utilized across various media sectors including broadcast media, online media, and other diverse media fields. It also covers technologies and services related to advertising/marketing utilizing video, as well as video content production technologies and services for other industries.
Entertainment, Lighting, Video Expression Category Award
Products, technologies, systems, services, software, applications, and other devices related to visual equipment, lighting equipment, and other expressive devices utilized in content presentation for live entertainment, various facilities, and metaverse (XR) spaces. This includes products related to content creation and expressive technologies.

In each category, one Grand Prize and one runner-up will be selected. However, based on the results of the judging process, there may be multiple runner-up selections, or no runner-up selected.

Other Notes, etc.
  • ・The submitted project must not infringe on any other patents, etc., and there must be no patents pending.
  • ・Applications will be invalidated in the event of fraudulent activities, such as false statements, or activities that undermine the objectives of the project after the application has been received.
  • ・The information provided by applicants during the screening period will be disclosed only to the Screening Committee, and will be handled with the utmost care.