Inter BEE 2023


The distinctive feature of Inter BEE is its abundant special events. Covering from exhibits to conferences, these events will delve deep into the specific fields, and contribute to strengthening the ability to communicate and development of the industry.

Every year, we prepare special programs, and this year we have again set up a program focused on each field. Participants will have a great opportunity to reap business benefits. It’s possible to discover new partnerships, gain strategic insights understand industry-wide trends, and more!

Please consider making good use of this opportunity and participating in this special program. It will be an opportunity to raise your business to a new level.

  • Providing you with the opportunity to meet new businesses that will expand beyond the borders between broadcasting and communication.

    The special program, INTER BEE BORDERLESS, will show the potential for broadcasting to give rise to many kinds of business opportunities. And it will be a place for broadcasting to meet and discuss new business.

    Participation Requirements Digital content production companies、App production companies、Digital marketing tool development companies、Digital ad technology development-related companies、Content production and app development support、technology - related companies、Digital content distribution operators、Online platform - related operators、Online advertising companies、Cloud - related operators、Communication - related operators、Other companies and organizations involved in video and ICT
    The style of exhibit Exhibition Unit(¥231,000~)
  • Proposing the possibilities of Transmission with Collaboration That Transcends the Boundaries between Companies

    We will build the systems with an awareness it will be used between affiliated stations in addition to in broadcasting stations and then propose the technique of sharing systems by fully utilizing media over IP technology this time. Our aim is to deploy booths which will lead to providing hands-on experiences.

    Participation Requirements If you wish to exhibit equipment, you can exhibit only equipment related to one of ST2110, ST2059 or NMOS and which actually works under certain conditions.
    The style of exhibit Participation Fee(¥110,000~)
    Exhibition Unit (l Option)(¥110,000~)
  • The future pioneered by metaverse, and creativity shaped by AI

    We offer a place to meet new clients and users by proposing the future and possibilities of the media and entertainment industry through dramatic changes in AI and advanced content technologies. We are also recruiting Startup companies challenging the innovation.

    Booth Exhibition

    Target Exhibits XR (VR/AR), CG, 3D video/audio, artificial intelligence (AI), metaverse, blockchain, ultra-realistic video, projection mapping, drones, robotics, interactive systems, motion systems, media art, other advanced video expression technologies, 4K/8K projectors, digital signage, live entertainment technology, spatial production, special equipment for production, lighting systems.
    The style of exhibit Exhibition Unit(¥198,000~)

    Startup Area

    Eligible Exhibitor Start-up companies established less than 9 years ago (established after November 2014) that aim to grow through new technology and innovation in the media, video and entertainment industries.
    The style of exhibit Exhibition Booth (¥71,500~)
  • From motion picture production to video production. Disseminating the latest technology and utilization of creation.

    This event will propose the latest video production tools for professionals and utilization techniques, and the opportunities for developing new clients seeking video production and utilization for marketing and promotion.

    Creation Products Exhibits &Presentations

    Exhibit and Participation Eligibility Production companies, post-production companies, creators, and production/editing tool-related companies involved in video content production.
    The style of exhibit Exhibition Booth (¥198,000~)
    Open stage presentation(¥220,000~)

    Inter BEE will actively support the video marketing sector as part of its efforts to help drive the evolution and expansion of the video and image related industries.

    Video Marketing Lounge

    Participation Requirements Business video production companies, Video marketing and consultant companies
    The style of exhibit Exhibition Booth(¥198,000~)


  • Largest speaker listening experience in Japan

    Inter BEE 2023 will have Japan's largest SR speaker listening demonstration at Makuhari Messe with the participation of major audio companies. Inter BEE has given a lot of actual results as a professional event in the field of live entertainment is attracting the attention of many users and industry professionals as a world-class SR speaker listening demonstration. We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to promote your products to the visitors While experiencing the characteristics and individuality of them.


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