Inter BEE 2023

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Exhibitor Categories
Products to be Exhibited

Entertainment/ Lighting Equipment

Live Entertainment

Live Performance Video Systems/Equipment, Live Performance Streaming Platform, Spatial Performance, Ultra-Realistic Images, Ultra-Realistic Sounds, Projection Mapping, Laser Projector, Live Viewing Systems, Live Relay/Delivery Systems, Real-time Live Performances, Motion Sensor Systems, Media Art, Free Viewpoint Video System, Other Live Entertainment

Visual Experience Technologies

XR(VR、AR/MR), Virtual Space, VR Headset, Interactive Systems, 360-degree Videos, 3D Scenography, Holographic Images, Panoramic Images, Immersive Sounds, Other Video Expression Technologies

Large Video Equipment

Large LED Displays, 3D LED System, LCD / OLED Displays, Outdoor Displays, 4K/8K Projectors, Public Viewing, Other Large Video Equipment

Viewing Devices

High Definition TV (4K/8K), Game Monitors, PC and related equipment, Smartphone/Tablet PC, Mobile Projectors, Home Theater Systems, Other Viewing Devices

Digital Contents

Animations, Computer Graphics, Virtual Avatar, Audio System Archive, Video/ Image Rental, Other Digital Content

Digital Signage

Digital Signage Displays, Digital Signage Editing / Control / Delivery Systems, Advertising Media Services, Other Digital Signage

Live Viewing

Live Streaming Service, Gaming PC and related equipment, e-Sports Equipment/Facility

Stage/Outdoor Lighting Equipment

Stage Lighting Equipment, Dimming and operating equipment, Lighting control/DMX equipment, Stage/Outdoor Lighting Equipment, Large-Scale Effect Lighting, Other Stage and Outdoor Lighting Equipment

Studio Lighting Equipment

Studio Lighting Equipment, TV Studio Lighting Equipment, Film and Video Lighting Equipment, Lighting Control Board, Console, Dimmer, Special Effects Equipment, LED, Other Studio Lighting Equipment