Inter BEE 2024

Optional Services

Dissemination of Information

Inter BEE will support the dissemination of exhibition information from before to after the event to increase the effectiveness of your exhibition. Please make use of this service to promote your company.

On-line Exhibitor's Page
Free of charge

An online exhibitor page to be used in conjunction with the real venue to disseminate information on products exhibited in advance and as archive data.

Attention Features

Meeting Reservation
Appointments for business meetings at Makuhari Messe venue can be made! By setting up a time in advance, you can guarantee valuable business meeting time.

Exhibited products / services
Photos of exhibited products and search keywords can be set up for efficient appeal.

Download documents
Product catalogues are available for visitors to download at any time during the exhibition.

Demonstration/presentation videos
It is possible to post videos of products and services and appeal to a large number of visitors. Archived viewing is also available, so you can continue to provide information even after the exhibition has ended.

further information
on the exhibitor page function
Sample page of an Exhibitor‘s page

Official Website, Dissemination of Information by SNS
Free of charge

Articles and news on exhibitor pages and exhibitor information will be disseminated on the official website and SNS.
Before the exhibition, messages from exhibitors to visitors and information on products on display will be sent out via the official Inter BEE SNS to attract more visitors.
The following menus are available, please provide information.

  • Posting of exhibit product information via Facebook & X

    Exhibited products and messages will be posted on the Inter BEE SNS (Facebook & X).

    Post period Mid-October ~ Early November
    Contents of submission ①Text
    *Facebook:within 600 characters (including space)
    *X: within 260 characters (including space)
    ②1 image(Facebook、X common)
  • Teaser video distribution on YouTube and SNS

    A teaser video introducing the booth and explaining the contents to be exhibited will be released on the official Inter BEE YouTube and also on social networking sites to promote the exhibition.

    Post period Mid-October ~ Early November
    Contents of submission ①Video up to 3 minutes
    Format:MOV、MPEG4、WMV etc.

    ※File formats that can be uploaded to YouTube

    within 260 characters (including space)
    ③1 Thumbnail image
Put the Press Release in the Press Room
Free of charge

Exhibitors can place press releases about exhibited products and other information in the press room, where journalists and media representatives from home and abroad gather. The press is invited to bring with them materials with information on their exhibits to disseminate widely both nationally and internationally.