Inter BEE 2020

Support & Service


Inter BEE has expanded its promotion activities to serve exhibiting companies and organizations in a variety of ways. Not just before or during the exhibition, we can introduce your activities and products by a diversity of means such as the media, web, and videos.

Owned Media ~Earned Madia

In addition to prior registration of visitors and registration for entry to sessions, the latest news and exhibitor news is provided via the official website all year round. Information is widely distributed according to its respective characteristics via mail magazines, official SNS entries and other methods, raising the expectations of Inter BEE visitors. In addition, exhibition booth and product information is widely distributed and introduced beyond the immediate venue.

Inter BEE Official Website

Page views (From January to November 2019):537,818 Sessions
Number of articles posted on Online Magazine:294

Inter BEE Official Mail Magazine

Delivered to the Visitors accumulated overtime.
Approx:78,000 magazines
x27 times sent
※Previo us Record
※Publishing text banner Ads (See P24)

Official Twitter

Numbers of Twitter Followers:2,619 (an increase of 172% from the previous year)
Twitter:347 Tweets
Annual Impression:2,426,097

Official Facebook

Numbers of Facebook Followers:5,276 (an increase of 110% from the previous year)
Number of Posts:306 (including Stories)
Number of page transfers from the Facebook page to the Official Website:2,134,277
Total video played throughout the year:57,362

Official Instagram

Numbers of Instagram Follower:828 (an increase of 179% from the previous year)
Number of Posts:193 (including Stories)


Hashtag posted:948 times (by other users within Instagram)


Invitation / Poster

We distribute a specified number of these free of charge to each exhibitor. These are also distributed through our supporters and partners from the Management Office of the organizer.


Publicity activities

Information distribution has been enhanced through publicity activities, invitations to cover exhibition booths and products, article-based promotions, and media such as TV coverage.

Publicity activities (Actual distribution of press releases)

*Notification of start of pre-admission registration (9/26)
*Announcement of the outline of INTER BEE EXPERIENCE (10/3)
*Announcement of the outline of INTER BEE CONNECTED (10/29)
*Announcement of the outline of INTER BEE IGNITION (10/31)
*Announcement of the outline of INTER BEE CREATIVE (11/6)
*Announcement of the outline of INTER BEE IP PAVILION (11/8)
*Announcement of Opening (11/12)
*Set up press room (11/13-15)
*Reported completion(11/15)

News Media Representative

342 People

  • @Press
  • News Shooter
  • Advanced Media
  • AVWatch
  • PCWatch
  • AXIS Web Magazine
  • CAPA Camera Web
  • PRTimes
  • Digital Camera Watch
  • Developers.IO
  • SankeiBiz
  • Event Marketing
  • Screens
  • Sports Video Group
  • eWarrent
  • Stereo Sound ONLINE
  • feedclass News
  • The Asahi Shimbun Digital
  • Internet Watch
  • TV Technology
  • Itmedia News
  • Livedoor News
  • MICE&Event Marketing
  • YAHOO! News

Shuttle Bus

Operation of a Free Shuttle Bus with NHK and Key Commercial Broadcasters. We operate a free shuttle bus that connects Makuhari Messe to the entrance of each broadcaster during the period of the exhibition in order to encourage our core user television station stakeholders to visit Inter BEE. This service is used by many people every year.


Paid Media

Advertising has been expanded in Japan through relevant industry journals and new user segments, and overseas through global partner events such as NAB and IBC and via influential video-related media. Making use of SNS advertising and technology, we can promote the exhibition in more depth to a wider audience of prospective visitors.


Media Partners

Related industry journals and magazines helped support Inter BEE as media partners, graciously publishing many articles on the exhibitors.


YouTube Channel

At your request, we will report on exhibitor companies’ booths free of charge! As well as leading to continued PR, you are free to use this archive as a video-based tool to introduce your own company’s activities after the exhibition.

Number of video clips posted during the show (Inter BEE TV)

123 Videos

Inter BEE TV