Inter BEE 2024

Optional services

Connection Square

We will provide various types of rooms in the exhibition hall that can be used.
These rooms can be used for product demonstrations, business meetings with customers and other interested parties, and for building relationships.

Suite Room


We have prepared rooms in the exhibition hall for business negotiations and demonstrations. Available throughout the event period.

Overview of Facilities
Location Multipurpose room,
Exhibition Hall 1F
Conference Room,
Exhibition Hall 1F
Proscenium Deck,
Exhibition Hall 2F
Area 181㎡ 82㎡ 62㎡
Ancillary Reception Desk & Chair Reception Desk & Chair Reception Desk & Chair、
Company’s name signboard
Duration of Use

November 12(Tue) – 15(Fri)

Eligibility and Fee (Including consumption tax)

Room Type No Product Display With Product Display Applicable Number of Booths
A ¥990,000 ¥1,980,000 20 and more booths
B ¥440,000 ¥880,000 9 and more booths
C ¥330,000 ¥660,000 6 and more booths

*These prices are for four days use. (The price for rental ahead of schedule as a preparation day is 10% of the usage fee per day.)

*Exhibitors exhibiting in booths smaller than the area of the suite are not eligible to apply.

*Exhibitors who reduce the number of booths from the time of the previous exhibition may not apply to use a suite room.

How to Apply
Application deadline July 31(Wed)

If you wish to use the booth, please contact the secretariat. After receiving your application form, we will send you an outline of use and an application form individually. Please understand that we will charge a 100% of cancellation fee if you cancel on or after September 1(Fri).

Business Meeting Room


This is a shared space that you can use for meeting with your client and visitors.A drink service is also available.

Please come directly to the business meeting room on the day and inform the receptionist the name of your company and the number of people using the room.

Business Meeting Room

Meeting/Presentation room


They can be booked in advance and used for client meetings, presentations, etc.

¥11,000  (tax included)   / 45 minutes
 Meeting/Presentation room

VIP room


It will be located near the VIP reception area of the international conference. Can be used for the reception of important clients and executives.

¥11,000  (tax included)  / 60 minutes

※Meeting/Presentation room and VIP room can be requested from the Exhibitor Manual, which will be distributed at a later date.