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Visions and Beats: Crafting the Media Kaleidoscope

Broadmedia & Entertainment Inter Bee 2024

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First exhibition application deadline

May 31 Fri.



Inter BEE 2024 Outline

Celebrating its 60th anniversary this year, Inter BEE is a comprehensive media event where professionals gather to encounter, experience and expand their imagination on the possibilities of media & entertainment.


Why Inter BEE?

As a comprehensive media event backed by history and achievements, Inter BEE is an international exhibition that brings together all kinds of products, services, and businesses for creating, sending, and receiving content.

Inter As a comprehensive media event backed by history and achievements, Inter BEE is an international exhibition that brings together all kinds of products, services, and businesses for creating, sending, and receiving content.


Inter BEE has been held every year since its inception in 1965, and this year marks the 60th anniversary of the event.

We will continue to enhance the presence of Inter BEE in order to widely disseminate the innovations produced by exhibitors to a large number of users and to the world at large.
To celebrate the 60th edition, this year's event will be a grand occasion to take the next step forward with the Inter BEE Awards, a reception and new special events.

Exhibitor Categories

A wide range of exhibitors involved in media and entertainment participate each year.
Please feel free to contact us if you are unsure of the Best exhibitor category.

Professional Audio

Largest professional use sound business event in the country.

Audio Equipment/System, MA/Studio Equipment, Audio Equipment for Theaters and Facilities, PA/Live Systems, Radio Broadcasting Systems, High-end Consumer Equipment, AI Composition and Music Production System

Entertainment / Lighting

Experience space for the latest entertainment tech and media extensions.

Live Entertainment, Visual Experience Technologies, Large Video Equipment, Viewing Devices, Digital Contents, Digital Signage, e-Sports, XR(VR, AR/MR), Virtual Space, AI Design, Stage/Outdoor Lighting Equipment, Studio Lighting Equipment

Video Production / Broadcasting Equipment

The country's largest and most advanced event for video and broadcasting professionals.

Broadcasting Equipment Total System, Enterprise System/Program Production Systems, VFX, Relay Systems/Transmission Systems, Satellite IP, Film and Video Production, Production, Stand-by and Peripheral Products, Post-production, Publications/Publicities

Media Solutions

The convergence of media and telecommunications. Proposing business beyond.

Cloud Services, AI-powered services, Video Delivery, Broadcasting/Network Service, Digital Cinema, Advertising and Marketing, Movie Production, Media Solutions, 4K/8K/16K Technologies for Other Industries, Connected TV

Exhibition Fee

Standard Booth

Standard Booth

Standard booths that allow free decoration. A packaged display option is also available for simple exhibition.

Booth Fee

¥297,000(tax included) /a booth

*Membership fee¥264,000(tax included) /a booth

Small Package Booth

Small Package Booth

Small packages that enable simple and low-cost exhibition.
They are used for first-time exhibitors and trial exhibitors.

Booth Fee

¥171,600(tax included) /a booth

2 booths : ¥343,200(tax included)

Application deadline

First application deadline

May 31 Fri.

Second Application deadline

June 28 Fri.

Package Display Plan no1

Package Display Plan

With a Packaged Display Plan, you can save time and money exhibiting.

Example of 1 booth in the Value Plan


¥445,500(tax included)

【Booth fee (¥297,000) + Package Display (¥148,500)】

Another plan/Further information

Inter BEE 2023 Performance Result

Visitors Data

  • Registered Visitors


  • Expected to visitInter BEE 2024


  • Stay for more than 4 hours


  • Press


Visitor’s type of business

Visitor’s type of business graph
  • Video content creation


  • Broadcaster


  • Internet/communication/system


  • PA/event/staging/facility


  • Students


Exhibitors Data

Number of Exhibitors

  • building

  • region


Exhibitor Satisfaction



Official Website Impression



  • Future_Innovation_Canvas_Designing_Media_and_Entertainment.svg
  • Future_Innovation_Canvas_Designing_Media_and_Entertainment.svg


  • We were able to learn about the reactions of different industries to our services.

  • Promising new inquiries were obtained.

  • We were able to introduce our products to existing users who were too far away to visit.

  • The acquisition of information from potential new customers allowed us to understand market demand.

  • There were approaches to utilization that we didn't even think of.

  • We were able to acquire more leads than expected and strengthen relationships with existing customers.

Special Events

A special project featuring exhibitions, seminars, and experiential events focusing on the latest themes in each field.
If you exhibit for the first time or want a more targeted exhibition, consider participating in special events.



On the occasion of the 60th Inter BEE, the "INTER BEE AWARD" will be presented to outstanding exhibits from among the products, technologies, services, software and contents exhibited at Inter BEE and announced both inside and outside the exhibition.
The awards will contribute to the revitalization and future development of the media and entertainment industry field covered by Inter BEE, as well as to the progress of technology and the development of diverse creative activities in this field.



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Organized by Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association