Inter BEE 2022

Event & Conference

A wide variety of conferences showcasing the latest trends in the industry and Exhibits, seminars, and hands-on events will be held in special programs focusing on the latest topics in each field.

  • Various Conferences with Industry Experts

    We provide a wide variety of conferences distinctive to Inter BEE covering media and entertainment – from various sessions which propose the latest technological trends and new ideas in the industry to deep discussions on focused themes – in the keynote speeches and special talks at Inter BEE.

    Keynote Special Event
  • Online Exhibitor Seminar

    Exhibitors from Each Category Showcase the Latest Information to Industry Users

    The exhibitor seminars are popular every year. Exhibitors provide seminars online to explain about their products, technologies and services in detail and in an easy-to-understand manner. Please check these out together with the exhibition.

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    Online Exhibitor Seminar
  • Largest SR Speaker Trial Listening Event in Japan

    We will revive X-Speaker, which has received support from many people including sound professionals, in the event hall for the first time in three years in response to the hopes of everyone. We will hold it over two days on the 17 (Thu) and 18 (Fri) this time.

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  • Cutting-edge Technology for Media and Entertainment

    INTER BEE IGNITION will combine with the Digital Contents EXPO to widely showcase advanced video technologies and cutting-edge contents production technologies. We will evolve to the frontline of innovation and business in the contents and entertainment industries.

    Keynote Session Exhibition
  • Discovering the Mutual Value of Broadcasting and New Businesses and Showcasing the Future Possibilities

    We provide INTER BEE CONNECTED as a place to be able to showcase the future possibilities of broadcasting contents and to make proposals for new progress from advanced technologies and to be able to discover mutual value of broadcasting and new businesses.

    Keynote Session Exhibition
  • Frontline of Evolving Virtual Production and Video Production

    We introduce virtual production-related equipment, tools and software focused on in-camera VFX and the studio that will be the production environment for that in INTER BEE CREATIVE. We will showcase the frontline of in-camera VFX video production in the event sessions.

    Keynote Session
  • Proposing the Possibilities of IP Transmission with Collaboration That Transcends the Boundaries between Companies

    The shift to IP for broadcasting systems is accelerating around the world. Against this background, we will reproduce the IP connection environment at Makuhari Messe with the world’s largest collaboration that transcends the boundaries between companies. We will provide an introduction on the basics of the world of Media over IP to its actual operation and introduction examples such as in outside broadcast vehicles, remote production demonstrations, special IP talks and relay technology seminars.

    Keynote Exhibition
  • The 59th JBA Symposium of Broadcast Technology

    Connecting Commercial Broadcasters in Japan to Report on the Latest Information and Results with Broadcasting Technologies

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    The 59th JBA Symposium of Broadcast Technology