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Newly established『INTER BEE CINEMA』 Inter BEE 2024 is accepting applications for exhibit until June 28 Fri.

April 3rd, 2024

Press Release


Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association

The Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association(JEITA:Representative Director/Chairperson Keiji Kojima from Hitachi, Ltd. representative executive officer President & CEO)announced today that taking the opportunity of the 60th event, a new special program, “INTER BEE CINEMA” focusing on film production technology, will be established as part of measures to contribute to the further evolution and revitalization of the entire video and entertainment-related industry.

INTER BEE CINEMA will present the latest technological trends from the frontline of film production, with demonstrations and exhibitions covering all aspects of film production technology, including cinematography, lighting, art and sound. In addition to creating a place for interaction between professionals in the media and entertainment industry visiting Inter BEE and exhibiting manufacturers, we will also encourage the attendance of next-generation content makers, such as young producers and students studying video and film production and promote the film industry.

Inter BEE 2024 is currently accepting applications for exhibition in all exhibition categories and special events, including this event, and the deadline is June 28th (Friday).

Please refer to the official website for details.

Inter BEE 2024 Official Web site

 ■Disseminating the forefront of Japanese film production, ‘JAPAN PRODUCTION SYSTEM’

Japanese cinema and its production style – production technology – are attracting attention in the world film industry. Under the theme of transmitting information from the forefront of the Japanese-style film production “JAPAN PRODUCTION SYSTEM”, a program of talk sessions will be held on the “Open Stage” in the INTER BEE CINEMA, inviting cinematographers and other film production professionals active at the forefront of the industry, “Film Production Workshop” for young filmmakers who will be responsible for future film production and students studying film production will also be held.

■A studio set area will be set up for film production demonstrations and shooting experiences.

Within the INTER BEE CINEMA, we will establish a “Studio Set Area” where visitors can experience shooting demonstrations of scene production and use cinema cameras exhibited on-site. Additionally, there will be a “Product Exhibition Area” showcasing products and technologies related to film production, as well as a “Lens Bar Area” where specialized staff will assist with shooting techniques focused on cinema camera lenses. These areas aim to provide a platform for interaction and dialogue through various products supporting film production technology.

Name : Inter BEE 2024

Period : <Makuhari Messe> November 13 ~ November 15, 2024

Venue : Makuhari Messe

Admissions : Free(Registration Required)

Organizer : Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA)

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