Inter BEE 2024

News 2023.11.02 UP

AI real-time translation and caption system, which supports over 40 languages for testing

At Inter BEE 2023, we will be conducting a trial introduction of the “AI Real-time Translation System” for attendees at the INTER BEE FORUM and the open stage within the exhibition hall. This system’s implementation has been made possible through a collaboration with Wordly, Inc. (headquartered in California, USA).

Our goal is to provide an enhanced experience not only for international visitors but also for those who may face hearing challenges.

Attendees can access simultaneous interpretation text and audio in over 40 languages by scanning a QR code displayed at the venue using their smartphones. This enables real-time listening in their preferred language.

We recommend text-based listening. For audio listening, please ensure that you have your own headphones or earphones to avoid inconveniencing other attendees.

Furthermore, we plan to provide English-Japanese subtitles using this system during keynote presentations in the international conference rooms.

*The use of this system is free of charge for this event. While this system has a track record of being introduced in numerous events globally, it utilizes AI-based automatic translation. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the accuracy and speed of the translation. Please be aware of this limitation.