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【Press Release】 Pre-register for Inter BEE 2020 ONLINE

The Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA) has opened the pre-registration for Inter BEE 2020 ONLINE, a comprehensive media event to be held online from Wednesday, November 18, on the official Inter BEE 2020 website. (https://

While building on its history as an international broadcasting equipment show, Inter BEE is not limited to broadcasting equipment, but serves as a place where the latest information and innovation in the media and entertainment-related industries of broadcasting, video, communications, audio and lighting, and media business come together, and continues to evolve into a comprehensive media event that encompasses the creation (production), delivery (transmission) and reception (experience) of content at its core.

With the spread of the new coronavirus, every aspect of society, lifestyle, and industry must change to the new normal, and a variety of industry sectors are pushing forward with digital transformation (DX) to create new styles. The event will be held as “2020 ONLINE”. Taking full advantage of the benefits of online, we aim to make the event more accessible to a wider range of people than ever before.

The exhibition area will be divided into four divisions: Pro Audio, Video Production/Broadcasting Equipment, Video Expression/Pro Lighting, and ICT/Cross Media as it was in previous exhibitions.

    Utilizing tools such as chat functions for communication, the show will be developed as a place for new forms of communication and exchange. Please look forward to the introduction of new products and solutions by the exhibitors.

The conference is set to have a full program. The key words for this year’s INTER BEE FORUM include simultaneous streaming, broadcast and internet collaboration, remote production, content DX, IP, 4K8K and AI. In addition, there will be an exhibitor seminar and a conference program for each project that will propose the latest solutions. Specifically, there will be and video filming as a new project, will be developed respectively. INTER BEE CONNECTED, which will showcase the cutting edge of broadcasting and its future, INTER BEE EXPERIENCE to experience the sound of the hybrid era of live performance and delivery, INTER BEE IGNITION, the media and entertainment designed by Generation Z, INTER BEE CREATIVE, which considers the accelerating pace of diversification in video content production, INTER BEE X-Cinema, a new project that will focus on film and video photography

Inter BEE 2020 ONLINE will hold concurrent events, one being the “Commercial Broadcasters’ Technical Report Meeting” (hosted by The Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association), which will be the 57th time within Inter BEE 2020 ONLINE, where technical reports from commercial broadcasters across the country will be distributed. The DCEXPO 2020 ONLINE (hosted by the Digital Content Association of Japan), which has been held concurrently since 2018, will be held in conjunction with Inter BEE 2020 ONLINE.




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