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News 2020.09.25 UP

Warning about announcements posing as the exhibition secretariat

Dear All,

There have been some incidents where notices have been sent to exhibitors at exhibitions run by our organization from a company called “International Fairs Directory” pretending to be the secretariat of the exhibition, either by fax or mail.

The shipping address is often only listed as the name and address of the company, and the information is probably gathered from various websites and other sources. The invitation begins with the statement “Update (or add your company’s information)”, but at the bottom of the document it states in small print states it is a paid service.

Similar cases have been identified in the past from the following sources below, in addition to “International Fairs Directory”:



– Construct Data Verlag AG!

– Construct Data Publishers

Since the name of the exhibition, organizer, and management of the event are listed in the brochure, it looks as if the brochure is from the organizer and management. The information from these companies is in no way related to the exhibitions and events run by the Japan Electronics Show Association.

The document clearly states the cost of the advertisement, the name of the exhibition, the organizer and the management of the exhibition, but does not state that the organizer has a business relationship with the company mentioned above.

Therefore, if you receive such a document, we ask you to check it carefully and pay attention to it.