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INTER BEE CREATIVE Program Details Determined!

INTER BEE CREATIVE – Special Event of Inter BEE 2019 – Program Details Determined!

November 13 (Wed) to 15 (Fri) in Makuhari Messe

The Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA: Nobuhiro Endo, Chairman / Chairman of the Board of NEC Corporation) has announced the details of the program for INTER BEE CREATIVE. This is a special event of Inter BEE 2019 that will be held in Makuhari Messe (Chiba) over three days from November 13 (Wed) to 15 (Fri).

Inter BEE CREATIVE will bring together state-of-the-art production tools and creators active on the frontline to demonstrate expression technologies and techniques that will arouse various forms of creativity. This will provide everyone who participates in Inter BEE with the opportunity to be able to create and exchange new excitement while sensing ideas.

Speeches Day after Day by Film Directors and Video Creators Active on the Frontline in Japan and Overseas

The film director Isao Yukisada will give the keynote speech for INTER BEE CREATIVE on November 15 (Fri). The theme of his speech will be as follows: “World-class Japanese Technical Ability and Mental Strength. What is Required in Today’s Japanese Film Industry? Powered by DigiCon6 Asia.”

The film director Masaharu Take will appear at a creative session to be held on the stage in Makuhari Messe Exhibition Hall 8. The session he will hold is titled “Exploring Breakthroughs in the Japanese Movie Industry—Let’s Discover the True Strength of Japanese Creators!” Moreover, in addition to a session on the first taiga drama (long-running historical drama series) called Idaten to be produced in 4K, we will hold a session titled “Hollywood Super Session: The Making of the Lion King” from Japan by inviting VFX creators from Hollywood. The program of this event is jam-packed with diverse sessions – from the latest video and sound production to points that need to be understood by creators.

Implementation of INTER BEE CREATIVE MEET-UP: Opportunity for Exchanges between Creators

We will implement INTER BEE CREATIVE MEET-UP at INTER BEE CREATIVE. This will serve as an opportunity to meet, expand networks and produce new creations by bringing together the exhibitors, visitors and stakeholders participating in Inter BEE with creators in various genres. This event will be comprised of four areas: the Hands-on Area where it will be possible to display and experience the latest equipment, the Workshop Area where it will be possible to learn things from video production to video marketing, the Fireside Chat Area where it will be possible to interact with speakers at an even closer distance, and the Open Lounge Area. Everyone is free to participate in this event.


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