Inter BEE 2024

Special 2024.03.01 UP

A place to see content 10 years in the future. Inter BEE 2024 calls for exhibitors!

 Osamu Sakai Inter BEE editor


Inter BEE is a comprehensive media event covering all aspects of Creation, Delivery and Receiving content, and this year marks the 60th anniversary of the first Inter BEE held in 1965. Starting with the development of broadcasting as its core, we have expanded into areas such as video, audio, lighting, and communications to keep up with the evolution of technology. The year 2024 is expected to be the place where the latest technologies and techniques will come together to see the evolution of the industry further ahead. At a time when the media and entertainment industry is at a turning point, this will be the event that will determine the course of the next decade. For exhibitors, it must be the perfect opportunity to accelerate their future growth. Preparations are also underway to liven up the show with several events to mark the 60th edition. It will be a fruitful occasion for both previous exhibitors and newcomers. 

Measures will be further strengthened for the 60th anniversary. Aiming to optimize it as a place to capture business opportunities.


The media and entertainment industry has completely escaped the Corona disaster and has regained its previous vitality. Meanwhile, new technologies that emerged from the restraints imposed by the Corona disaster have evolved remarkably, also driven by developments in AI. An unprecedented trend is sweeping the world of content. Inter BEE has always been a point of contact between technological innovation and industry. In 2024, we will further strengthen information dissemination and build a platform for business creation so that exhibitors with the latest technology can meet visitors from various fields.
We will maximize the value of Inter BEE as a place for experience and dialogue, which is its strength, and lead to business opportunities for exhibitors.

The expansion of each division is promoted, and special projects are underway to highlight them!


In addition to the Entertainment/Lighting division, which were renamed and upgraded last year, and Media Solutions division, we are expanding the scope and scale of each division, including the Pro Audio division and the Video Production/Broadcasting Equipment division. By achieving diversity in business fields across Inter BEE, we will enhance the quality and value of the event as a comprehensive media event.
INTER BEE IP PAVILION has been renamed INTER BEE DX x IPPAVILION, extending the use of IP beyond that to DX for content production to meet the near-future needs of visitors. Furthermore, as a highlight of this year, we have launched a special project, "INTER BEE CINEMA," with exhibitions and sessions focused on the field of film production at the cutting edge of video technology. In addition to serving as a venue for new exhibitors, Inter BEE will also attract the momentum of the booming film industry. The number of visitors is expected to increase as they are drawn to the appeal of film production.

A variety of 60th commemorative events will be held, including the “INTER BEE AWARD”


A number of events are being planned to commemorate the 60th edition of this year's event. The INTER BEE CINEMA mentioned above is one such event, but the most anticipated is the INTER BEE AWARD. The event is likely to be a great success, with prizes awarded to exhibitors. Exhibitors will also be encouraged. We will also aim to continue into the next decade. Networking events are also being planned. Inter BEE is not only a place for business meetings with customers, but also a forum for exchange that connects the industry. Collaborations are born from horizontal connections, and encounters with players in unfamiliar fields give birth to new business. We are planning to hold such a major event for networking purposes to celebrate the 60th edition. By starting this year and continuing next year, we would like to establish this as a project that brings new benefits to exhibitors.
Large events such as Inter BEE have many effects in addition to meeting customers. We want to develop a commemorative event that draws out even more of these. To look ahead to the next decade, we need not only technology and techniques, but also new enjoyment and human connections. On the occasion of the 60th Inter BEE, we would like to expand the value of Inter BEE as such a lively venue.