Inter BEE 2024

Special 2023.11.20 UP

The Makuhari Messe was filled with excitement〜Inter BEE 2023 in Makuhari Messe Closed (Online venue is still open until December 15)

Osamu Sakai  Inter BEE Editor


Inter BEE 2023, a comprehensive media event held at Makuhari Messe from November 15th (Wednesday) to 17th (Friday), has ended. The event will continue to be held online until December 15th (Friday). The event will continue to be held online until December 15th (Friday). The number of conferences has increased since last year, and a wide variety of conferences have been held, with many sessions being fully booked and requiring standing room. They will be distributed online, with a few exceptions sequentially. Please look forward to watching them.

Makuhari was crowded with 31,702 visitors over the three days


This year's visitor numbers were 11,300 on 15, 10,285 on 16 and 10,117 on 17, for a three-day total of 31,702, up nearly 5,000 from 26,901 last year. This year 6 halls were used, with 1,005 exhibitors/organizations and 1,704 exhibition booths although only 5 halls were used last year. It seems that the visitors were able to fully enjoy the real thrill of Inter BEE, where they could "experience" new technologies and equipment. Many conferences were also held very lively with standing room in some of them. It was a grand event where you could fully enjoy cutting-edge technology and front-line discussions of the media/entertainment industry. This year, a Startup area was established at INTER BEE IGNITIONxDCEXPO and a new VIDEO MARKETING LOUNGE at INTER BEE CREATIVE. Both have made a good start to the next year and are expected to gain further momentum in the future.

The online event runs until 15 December. Lingering effects continue.


Inter BEE has established itself as a hybrid real and online event and will continue online until 15 December this year. All but a few of the conferences will be archived, so if you missed any of the sessions, we encourage you to attend them. Streaming will be made available on an as-needed basis, so it's a good idea to check out the sessions you're interested in. This year's Inter BEE was characterized by a mix of regular visitors from before Corona and new visitors, especially from the younger generation. It seems that many people were freed from the shackles of the Corona disaster and visited Makuhari for the first time in years. They must have enjoyed the exhibition and conference with a sense of openness. At the same time, the number of visitors from the younger generation involved in video production that is published on the internet seems to have increased more and more. The young people who looked around at the various equipment and technologies with a twinkle in their eyes were very young. I am looking forward to Inter BEE 2024.