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Special 2023.06.13 UP

INTER BEE CONNECTED, which has been a part of the special program since 2014, has changed its name to INTER BEE BORDERLESS for its ninth year.

Osamu Sakai  Inter BEE Editor

From left, Keiko Murakami, Hiromasa Takasawa, Tomoko Hasegawa, Yoshio Mikazuki, the author, Koji Nagae

INTER BEE CONNECTED, which has been a part of the special program since 2014, has changed its name to INTER BEE BORDERLESS for its ninth year.
We will introduce the planning team members who play an active part freely in the industry fitting for the new name "BORDERLESS." This year, we are planning to make the sessions more attractive, so please stay tuned.
( Osamu Sakai Copywriter/Media Consultant)

No more Border within the media industry. Aiming to have a borderless session.


INTER BEE CONNECTED was named intended to connect broadcast with telecommunication. It started in 2014, and the author became a member the following year.
The first year, Mr. Yasuji Eguchi, Degital Media Consultant, then Mikio Tsukamoto, Media Strategist, and since last year the author work as a chief examiner.
When I started thinking about this year's Inter BEE at the beginning of the year 2023, I wondered if the name should be the same.
Last year, when all the commercial key broadcasters began simultaneous transmission, the broadcasting industry may have taken the next step after "CONNECTED.
Unexpectedly, the secretariat also asked us if we should change the name.
BORDERLESS is the name the secretariat and I chose from many ideas.
The next step after "CONNECTED" should be considered as the state of being already connected, and the boundary lien between media has disappeared.
We would like to proceed with this project as a pioneer for the broadcasting industry to finally step out into the world beyond broadcasting.

BORDERLESS members gathered again with new members.

After a brief meeting in March, the members gathered for a full-fledged planning meeting on May 19, 2012, with Keiko Murakami of NHK Broadcasting Culture Research Institute, a member since 2014, Tomoko Hasegawa, a broadcast industry journalist who joined the group last year, Hiromasa Takasawa of TBS TV, and Koji Nagae of TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting Co. Ltd. TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting Co. Ltd. Mr. Yoshio Mikazuki, who works on DX for NTV, joined us this year to replace Mr. Akira Kaku of TV Asahi (ABEMA), who had to leave the group for business reasons. Mr. Mikazuki is a truly BORDERLESS person, having moved from Tokyo Shimbun to Yahoo and being in a charge of news, then moved to Nippon Television. The six members including the author will work on the planning of the session. This year, BORDERLESS alone will have to fill three days of sessions, which will be more difficult than last year, but I am sure that this group of people will be able to make it unique and meaningful. Please stay tuned for it.

Each of the three days has its own theme.

At a meeting on May 19, a lot of ideas were exchanged. And we decided to set a theme for each of the three days to make it easier for visitors to participate.
The first day, Wednesday, May 15, is designated as "BORDERLESS DAY" as the name suggests, Thursday, May 16, as "LOCAL DAY" with sessions of particular interest to local stations, and the final day, Friday, May 17, as "FUTURE DAY" to look beyond the boundaries of the event.
Of course, we are already planning the main individual sessions, but the content of those sessions will be announced soon. No matter which day you choose to attend, you could be satisfied.

Here, let us express each member’s aspiration of this year.

Keiko Murakami
I would like to share feasible solutions and provide a direction for the future, rather than just saying what we think should be done or giving up on the idea that things will never change. We aim to create a forum for discussion with all like-minded people on an equal footing, without barriers."

Tomoko Hasegawa
BORDERLESS is also one of the keywords in the global content market. We will strive to create sessions that will make you feel "empathy," "realization," "anticipation," and "impatience" with the new name "BORDERLESS" at the venue of Inter BEE!

Koji Nagae
We are feeling a strong sense of urgency that not only broadcasting and telecommunications must be BORDERLESS, but that we ourselves, who are involved in broadcasting, must also be BORDERLESS beyond our affiliations, districts, and positions! Thank you again for your continued support.

Hiromasa Takazawa
I would like to contribute to the new BORDERLESS as much as I can based on my experience in various media and businesses such as distribution, CTV, terrestrial wave, BS, and CS.

Yoshio Mikazuki
I have been in television for four years after four years in newspapers and eleven years on the Internet. I feel that the boundaries of the industry are becoming blurred in producing content and delivering it to consumers. We will endeavor to make the discussion unraveling the structure of the more complex issues."

Each session is scheduled to be almost finalized by the end of the summer, so we will keep you posted. We hope you will look forward to the announcements.