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Special 2020.07.30 UP

【NEWS】Inter BEE 2020 ONLINE: Media & Entertainment Initiatives and Latest Trends in the New Normal Society. We are now accepting exhibitor applications!


The Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA) announced today that it has begun accepting exhibit applications for Inter BEE 2020 ONLINE, a comprehensive media event to be held from Wednesday, November 18 to Friday, November 20, 2020. The application deadline for Inter BEE 2020 ONLINE, which will be held as an online event to comprehensively communicate the efforts and trials of the media and entertainment-related industries in the new normal society of the after-corona era, is Wednesday, September 30.

■Media and entertainment initiatives and the latest trends in the new normal society.

For the past three years, Inter BEE has been held in conjunction with the development of the broadcasting media as a comprehensive media event that encompasses the creation (production), delivery (transmission) and reception (experience) of content at its core. Inter BEE 2020, now in its 56th year, will utilize INTER BEE ONLINE (official website), which provides information throughout the year, to provide a wide range of users with the latest information from those involved in the video, audio, broadcasting and communications industries. It will be held as an "online event" to provide a comprehensive overview of approaches and attempts in the entertainment-related industries.

■Studio live, conferences and special events to attract a wide range of visitors.

During the exhibition (live event period), "Inter BEE Studio Live" will be held, featuring live video feeds from the studio to introduce highlights and guest talks. In addition, a three-day "INTER BEE FORUM" series of keynote speeches and seminars from industry organizations will be broadcast, providing information on the latest trends and initiatives in the media and entertainment industry in the new normal society. In addition, there will be "Special Events" dedicated to each field of media and entertainment industry, which will include multifaceted sessions and tutorials for the creation of new content in the new normal society.

Each event will attract not only existing users, but also target users from Japan and abroad who have been unable to visit the show, and will take advantage of the online nature of the event to revitalize business communication in the entire industry both domestically and internationally, regardless of the time of day. All content will be available until Friday, February 26, 2021, and will continue to provide a variety of information and industry-related trends.

■Online cooperation with related organizations' events

We will continue to collaborate with the Digital Content Expo (hosted by the Digital Content Association of Japan), which will be held concurrently for the third time this year, as well as other related organizations' events, such as the Commercial Broadcasting Association of Japan's Technical Report Conference (hosted by the Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association). In addition, the event will be developed as a comprehensive online event in cooperation with other related organizations to support the revitalization of the media and entertainment industry.

For the latest information and details, please visit the official website. (

■【Exhibition Outline】

Name : Inter BEE 2020 ONLINE
Period : Event November 18, 2020 (Wed.) ~ February 26, 2021 (Fri.)
    Live Event November 18, 2020 (Wed.) ~ November 20, 2020(Fri.)
Venue : Online(
Admission : Free(Parts of the event will require a fee)
Organizer : Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association(JEITA)
Managed by : Japan Electronics Show Association