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Special 2020.04.15 UP

INTER BEE EXPERIENCE now in its 5th year.


Demonstration exhibit for headphones and microphones


Inter BEE has a variety of special exhibition plans. X-Headphone/X-Microphone has been held since 2016 and is now in its fifth year. Together with X-Speaker, which has been held since 2014, it has become a special project at Inter BEE. Many domestic and foreign brands participate in the event every year. Last year, eight brands were on display for headphones and 11 brands for microphones. There is no other place where you can experience all of the brand's key products under one roof. It's expected to be a great turnout this year.

Last year's event had 5,038 visitors in three days, ranging from professionals to students.


Last year, 5,038 people visited the exhibition in three days, which means that one in eight people came to experience the exhibition since the total number of visitors to Inter BEE was 40,375. The core of the audience is, of course, audio professionals, but in recent years there has been an increase in the number of video creators and post-production engineers who recognize the importance of sound. In addition, it is clear that there are students who are going to become professionals in the future. Due to the expanding base of video and the number of young people who feel the importance and delicacy of sound is increasing through online distribution and other means. It is gaining a reputation as a place where anyone can try out the latest professional-use products without hesitation.
※Reference: Facebook of INTER BEE EXPERIENCE

Booths with common specifications, and only exhibiting at INTER BEE EXPERIENCE is also possible.


Companies that have their own booths in other venues may participate in this event, but they can also exhibit only at the INTER BEE EXPERIENCE. The booths will have the same specifications and the secretariat will prepare the materials for the exhibition. Brand signs and product spec boards are also created by the secretariat with common specifications, so all you have to do is provide text and images. There will be about five common high-resolution sound sources to listen to with headphones so that you can compare the same music. Another advantage of exhibiting at INTER BEE EXPERIENCE is that there is relatively little work for exhibitors to do.

Expanding the range of exhibits to peripherals for an even more exciting exhibition


This year, the fifth year of the exhibition, the number of products to be exhibited will be expanded. In addition to headphones and microphones, products surrounding them will also be on display. It's a processor/effector for headphones and a processor/effector for microphones. These include devices that improve the sound quality of headphones and microphones, optimize playback, and apply effects to audio input and output. As we enter our fifth year of exhibiting at the event, we look forward to seeing more companies who will help us take the next step forward. I hope you'll take the material and consider it.