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Video Production/Broadcast Equipment 2020.04.30 UP

Support the ever-evolving digital production environment.


The video production/broadcasting equipment section occupies the largest space in the Inter BEE exhibition area. In this area, where many exhibitors will be participating, many products and services related to filming and editing will be exhibited, including broadcast station related equipment such as total systems, mission-critical systems, program production systems, and relay systems, as well as studio equipment for video production, production systems, post-production systems, and special equipment.

 There are two major trends in recent years in the video production/broadcasting equipment category: increased efficiency and production sophistication through increased affinity with computers and IP networks, and the evolution of higher resolution video production technologies and equipment such as 4K, 8K and HDR. In this issue, we would like to introduce a case study of an exhibit that mainly focuses on linkage with IP networks.

INTER BEE IP PAVILION to introduce the front line of IP


 IP improves production efficiency and provides a new form of distribution and viewing of video media. A special project entitled "INTER BEE IP PAVILION" introduced the front line of the industry. With the cooperation of about 20 exhibitors and the Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS) and other companies, the "IP equipment connection demo" that connects and operates actual IP equipment was presented under three themes. In addition, a full 4K/HD compatible IP relay vehicle was installed and an in-car system was demonstrated in cooperation with Nara Television Broadcasting.

 In addition, the adjacent Relay Technology Seminar held 26 technical sessions over three days, introducing IP live transmission and related technologies, as well as actual case studies, giving visitors a real sense of the latest developments in the rapid acceleration of IP networks.

 As part of this IP pavilion, on the 15th, the last day of the event, a case study report entitled Keynote Speech 5 "Outsourcing the Implementation of IP and Connecting with Network Service Streaming Systems" was held.

Sony: Demonstration of IP Live Production System using 100 Gbps line

Entrance to the Sony booth

 Sony/Sony Business Solutions exhibited the "IP Live Production System", a system that uses IP to build studio subs and relay vehicles, and gave a demonstration using 100 Gbps lines. Other exhibits included XDCAM air, a cloud-based wireless news gathering solution, a Media Backbone news gathering solution, and an AI-powered solution.

NEC: Shifting to IP improves production efficiency and reduces the transmission load of high-definition video

NEC's IP Software Master System

 At last year's Inter BEE 2019, NEC introduced the keyword "IP-ready" and introduced the latest status of the company's development of IP and software for the broadcast master system it has been working on. The main points of the IP and software proposals made by the company in response to the flow of ICT in broadcasting equipment were open standards that ensure interoperability, the benefits of IP software while ensuring the same broadcast quality as existing SDI, and a total solution that promotes the fusion of broadcasting and communications by utilizing the network design and implementation track record of a collection of know-how on large-scale communications systems and broadcasting systems.

Fujitsu: Automatically extracts close-up footage of athletes from live panoramic video.

Fujitsu demonstrates AI-based motion tracking

 As the shift to IP in broadcasting equipment and video production progresses, the use of AI has also increased. Fujitsu exhibited a demo under the theme of digital transformation in the age of cloud AI 5G. It is also possible to cut out close-up footage of the players from 12K panoramic video. This will allow for the automatic production of richer live video. The company also demonstrated AI automatic captioning.

Panasonic: Live IP links 4K and 8K video and AI subtitle system

P-VoT (P-Vot), a speech recognition service using Panasonic's AI

 Panasonic exhibited in the Video Production and Broadcast Equipment Division and Pro Audio Division. In the video production and broadcasting equipment category, the theme was "News reporting, sports, and production. We demonstrated various solutions of LIVE IP under the theme of "LIVE IP × Solution".
 In the LIVE IP Solution Zone, Panasonic's newly developed next-generation IT/IP platform will be used to propose new processes that connect filming, production, and transmission through IP. In a demonstration simulating a live sports broadcast, the company proposed a production method that combines advanced video expression and operational efficiency by combining 8K cameras, 4K studio cameras and a real-time subtitle production system that makes full use of AI.

Ikegami Tsushinki: Live performance of remote camera work using robot arms.

Ikegami Tsushinki showed off its remote camera work using a robot arm in a live demo program.

 Under the theme of Advanced Broadcast Experience, Ikegami Tsushinki was showing off the possibilities of new programming styles as a real remote system that combines a camera mounted on a robot arm with Ikegami's unique operation application as an experience of a new system solution realized with advanced technology. In addition, we worked with 13 vendors to build a wide-area IP network across Halls 1 to 7, and demonstrated a comprehensive remote production and resource sharing experience covering video, audio, intercom and surveillance.

IPTV Forum: Broadcasters Demonstrate High-Connect Services

IPTV Forum's Hi-Connect Explanatory Panel

 IPTV Forum, a general incorporated association that promotes open IPTV services and next-generation smart TV services, exhibited "Hybridcast Connect," a service that links TV broadcasting and web content, a system that controls TV from a smartphone, whose use was unveiled on September 21, 2018. It is possible to create a line of flow from a smartphone app to a TV, which can be introduced at local stations.
 At the booth, we will be introducing services using Hi-Connect by broadcasters such as Nippon Television Network, TV Asahi, TBS, Fuji Television and Tokyo MX. They also demonstrated access-based SDKs for broadcasters.

 Due to the global impact of the new coronavirus, there is a trend toward greater efficiency in program production and video production. In addition, the diversification of video content viewing, including online distribution, is likely to continue. We look forward to seeing new proposals and services at the next Inter BEE.
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