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Professional Audio Equipment 2019.06.26 UP

[NEWS] Onkyo Develops Dedicated BGM Speakers Together with USEN: Toward a 600,000-unit a Month Production Structure – Triple That of the Previous Fiscal Year – within the Year with an Expansion in the Market for the Business Use Audio Equipment Field (Example: Embedded Speaker Design Contracting)


Onkyo Marketing, a company in the Onkyo Group that develops and sells business use audio equipment, announced on June 25 that it will strengthen the contracted design of the business use speaker system SM6.3 and will work on expanding the market for the business use audio equipment field. This includes the design contracting of the Onkyo-branded dedicated BGM speakers that it has developed together with USEN.

Deployment of Apart Audio Sales Agents in Japan

Onkyo Marketing’s main business is the design, sale and provision of various consultations of business use audio equipment and the installation business. In addition, the company is deploying sales agents in Japan for speakers in the Apart Audio business use audio equipment brand from Belgium.

SMS6.3, which Onkyo Marketing has started selling through a joint development with USEN, are dedicated BGM speakers that it was contracted to design by that company. Onkyo Marketing has experience of designing business use speaker systems. It has designed small speaker units to be placed in vehicles and embedded in televisions and embedded (in-ceiling) speakers as OEM business.

Expansion in Onkyo Marketing’s Production Line toward a 500,000 to 600,000-unit a Month Production Structure


Onkyo Marketing is also strengthening its sub-brand strategy (e.g., Sound by Onkyo) in its OEM business by utilizing the technologies relating to audio it has cultivated through the development of speakers since its establishment. Currently, the company has more than tripled the number of home AC equipment units it ships and it is working to expand exposure of the Onkyo brand.

The company has acquired orders exceeding its original plan mainly for automotive speakers in its Indian factory that serves as its main OEM business production base – this also includes these dedicated BGM speakers. At present, the company has the production capacity of 350,000 to 400,000 units a month – over double that compared to the previous fiscal year. It will further triple its production capacity compared to the previous fiscal year within the year. It is working on expanding its production line toward a 500,000 to 600,000-unit a month production structure. The company is also considering establishing a second and third factory from 2020 onward.