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Professional Audio Equipment 2020.05.12 UP

Experience sound with wide range of professional audio equipment!


The Professional Audio exhibition is a collection of various products and services related to audio, voice and music, including audio equipment, MA and studio equipment, radio broadcasting systems, and sound design. The latest products and services will be on display for a variety of needs, from television and radio broadcasting, distribution and content production, to live performances in halls, stadiums and live houses, as well as in conference rooms and education.

 In addition, INTER BEE EXPERIENCE X-Microphone and X-Headphone will be held as special exhibits in this area. The latest professional microphones and headphones will be on display and you can listen to them.

 Furthermore, the INTER BEE EXPERIENCE X-Speaker will be held at the adjacent Makuhari Messe Event Hall. Eleven large, medium and small SR speakers were exhibited from 11 companies, and visitors could actually see the sound of the speakers suspended in the hall. This is a valuable opportunity to compare the latest speakers in a real world environment.

 At last year's Inter BEE 2019, there were demonstrations at each booth of products and services that appealed to the high definition and accuracy of sound, which is evolving day by day with digitalization. New proposals for making use of individuality and creativity were seen at each booth.

Line array loudspeakers for SR expand their footprint with a full range of mid-size and compact models

Hibino's VTX-A8 line array speaker for SR

 Smaller, higher-performance line array speakers are expanding the scope of SR loudspeakers to meet a wide range of applications.

 Hibino exhibited the VTX-A8, a line array speaker in the VTX series for compact sound reinforcement (SR), with a unique mechanism that combines high efficiency and acoustic quality, as well as high dust and water resistance (IP-55) that makes it tough to withstand outdoor use.

 D&B Audio Techniques Japan exhibited the new 'A-Series' array speakers as augmented array speakers designed for mid-size SR systems. New concepts such as a variable splay angle were incorporated to attract attention. In the Pro Audio category, the creation of a space where visitors can actually experience sound is as important as its function and design, and each booth has been designed with a variety of innovations. The company's entire booth was covered with walls and had a special booth dedicated to product seminars and hands-on demonstrations.

 Since the Pro Audio section is a business space, it is not possible to try out the output as if it were an actual hall, but the INTER BEE EXPERIENCE X-Speaker is being held simultaneously at the adjacent Makuhari Messe Event Hall, where visitors can experience the latest and most advanced SR systems while flying (hanging from the ceiling), just like at a concert. It's a rare opportunity to see the companies in the Pro Audio category and experience the actual sound.

Multifunctional and high-quality equipment for white space is also available

Multifunctional and high-quality equipment for white space is also available

 With the increasing use of wireless devices, there is a need to devise ways to use the radio bandwidth. In the case of Japan, there has been a shift in frequency from the A-band to the white space band, making operational coordination and operation itself more complex.

 Sennheiser Japan exhibited the Digital 6000 wireless microphone, which covers the entire white space band from 470MHz to 717MHz with a single receiver. The low power consumption is an important factor in large-scale live shows and television programs, where there is no interference from wireless microphones that are used in large quantities and can be used for long periods of time, and this product also touted these features.

 In addition, Shure has responded to the situation in Japan by announcing a 1.2GHz compatible model from the high-end AXT Digital model that can be called a Japanese specification.

 In March 2011, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) established the DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) method of wireless communication to avoid radio interference from wireless LANs. TAMURA Corporation exhibited a DECT intercom system.

DANTE and other products that support IP-based inter-device synchronization standards are available from various companies.

Audio Technica doubled the size of its booth from the previous year to demonstrate its pro audio lineup

 With the evolution of synchronization technology between devices via IP over a network, such as DANTE, pro audio settings are becoming more efficient.

 Audio Technica's ATDM-1012 is the company's first digital smart mixer with DANTE input and output, and since it can transmit DANTE-standard signals, it can be used as a tally to switch video. At Inter BEE 2019, Audio-Technica set aside twice as much exhibition space as before, and in addition to exhibiting its traditional conference systems, the company exhibited a lineup that included a pro audio section, and installed its products in a space that resembled a conference room or recording studio.

Another pillar of the Pro Audio division, sound systems for the retail, commercial space and conference room.

Bose showcased its Design Max for retail and commercial spaces

 The Pro Audio section also featured a number of audio equipment aimed at stores, conference rooms, and educational settings, making it one of the big genres on display.

 Bose exhibited a total of 12 models of its new Design Max for retail and commercial spaces, which is scheduled to be released in January 2020, in both recessed and exposed models, and efficiently demonstrated that it is superior in terms of sound quality, design, and ease of installation, and can provide uniform sound quality throughout the space with a dispersion alignment system that controls mid- to high-frequency and low-frequency coverage in front of the woofer.

The popular INTER BEE EXPERIENCE X-Microphone and X-Headphone area is adjacent to the Pro Audio section.

In the Pro Audio section, in addition to these audio equipment, MA and studio equipment, high-end consumer equipment such as radio broadcasting systems and high-resolution products will be on display, and a wide range of audio-related products and services will be on display. The special event, INTER BEE EXPERIENCE X-Microphone, X-Headphone, and X-Speaker, which was introduced at the beginning of the show, was a special event in conjunction with INTER BEE EXPERIENCE.