Inter BEE 2024

Entertainment/Lighting 2020.04.24 UP

Place for the latest video expression with lighting equipment to produce advanced visual content.


Inter BEE has evolved into a comprehensive media event based on the professional exhibition for audio, video and communications, and an international event that brings together the latest innovations in the content business from home and abroad. Its exhibition area is made up of several departments. The Visual Expression/Pro Lighting Division is an area where display devices and technologies for visual expression developed in various scenes will be introduced, such as large LED displays, "large visual equipment" such as public viewings, and "visual expression technologies" such as XR (VR, AR/MR), interactive systems, 360-degree video, and high-realism video and audio.

 In recent years, various businesses and services such as CG and other digital contents, live viewing and live entertainment have also been exhibited. In addition, many lighting equipment such as stage and outdoor lighting equipment and studio lighting equipment, which are essential for video production, will be on display.

 The area will also host INTER BEE IGNITION, an international event for the world's leading-edge content technologies, and Digital Content Expo, a space where visitors can experience the future of VR, AR, 3D, computer graphics, AI, IoT, drones, robotics and other technologies that support content creation and enrich Companies that want to actively promote joint development and collaboration between different industries will have a unique exhibition, with ideas in the planning stage that have not yet been commercialized and products in the process of development on display.

Epson Sales Projector creates everyday scenes from "A Little Future"

enjoying a concert of a band that have disbanded at a live house

  Let's take a look at the exhibit booth - Epson Sales is exhibiting in the INTER BEE IGNITION area of InterBEE 2019. Based on the concept of "A Little Future - a day just a little further down the road -", the projectors used images of the day after waking up in the morning at home, at work, in private life, and on the way back home to show the little "Mirai" that will come true in the near future.
 The booths are divided into "conference room/research room," "hall/live house," "restaurant," and "living room," each of which is based on a timeline of events throughout the day, and the use of projectors introduces scenes that add convenience, fun, and glamour to everyday life.
 The concept of creating new experiences through the latest video technology and the content created by it can be said to be the very concept of INTER BEE IGNITION.

TOKYO BUTAI SHOWMEI CO.,LTD: Demonstration of LED moving lights with high color render on a stage inspired by water and trees

The stage was decorated with water and trees, and the light and water production, accompanied by music, drew many people's attention.

A wide variety of video expression and professional writing categories. Tokyo Stage Lighting's booth developed a stage that looked as if it were a theater or a live stage decoration. A lighting demonstration using the company's new LED lights was held on this stage, which was designed with the image of water and trees.
 Moving lights are popular as lighting equipment to decorate various live stages, but the shift to longer-lasting LEDs with higher light output and better color rendering properties is progressing, and the strong appeal of these products is that they can withstand hard environments, including dust and drip-proofing.

PROKIZAI.COM: LED lighting for surface light source

RX-48TDX Rollflex LED 300W exhibited by PROKIZAI.COM

 There are many small, low-cost, high-functionality products on display for small-scale production and creators in Inter BEE. For Inter BEE 2019, a company that sells a wide range of photography-related equipment and products from professional rentals to mail order, exhibited the Rollflex LED 300W RX-48TDX in response to growing demand for a surface light source that can flexibly change its shape through the arrangement of elements, a feature of LED lighting, which drew many visitors.

Ito-Yoko: Small-sized projection mapping of China's intuiit

Projection mapping for small spaces by China's Intuiit

 Ito-Yoko, the exclusive distributor of LEE Filters in the UK for 40 years, is involved in stage, event, and architectural lighting, and exhibited its first projection mapping at last year's Inter BEE. We demonstrated three types of projection mapping that can be used in small spaces with products from China's Intuiit. This product is intended for use in restaurants, event spaces and showrooms, and the company intends to take the opportunity of exhibiting at Inter BEE to launch full-scale sales in Japan. Here's a case study that illustrates the breadth of uses for projection mapping.

Chainzone: IMPOSA Xfinity, an integrated TV for office meeting rooms.

IMPOSA Xfinity, an integrated TV for office meeting rooms

 At Inter BEE 2019, about half of the exhibitors directly from overseas, excluding those from import agencies, were from China and Taiwan, and the number of Chinese exhibitors has been on the rise. In this area, where lighting equipment and displays are exhibited, the number of Chinese exhibitors was particularly noticeable.
 This will be the fourth time Foshan Blue Pine Science and Technology has already exhibited at Inter BEE, and at Inter BEE 2019, the company had an active booth with the IMPOSA Xfinity integrated TV as its main product.

 The latest lighting equipment introduced in this exhibition, as well as a variety of video expression technologies from the comprehensive media event, will be on display at Inter BEE in the Video Expression/Pro Lighting category. I look forward to seeing new equipment and expressive technologies make their appearance again this year.
(Inter BEE 2020 News Center)