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Media Solutions 2020.05.12 UP

Covering the front line of video production including cloud services and streaming platform.

The ICT/Cross-media area, where Microsoft Japan and other ICT-related companies stand out.

 The ICT/Cross-media section, one of Inter BEE's exhibit sections, will feature tools and services for new network-based video businesses and video production, including cloud, video distribution, and mobile networks. This area is also home to a variety of viewing devices, new broadcasting services such as multimedia broadcasting, and digital cinema-related products.

 In addition to the technologies and services that support program production, such as the cloud, which is pervasive in broadcasting and video production workflows, and video coding and network transmission services that are essential for video material transmission, this exhibition will provide a look at the forefront of the coordination and fusion of broadcasting and communications, including video distribution over the network, which is also growing as a new advertising medium.

 Exhibitors at last year's Inter BEE 2019 will be able to see the latest developments in collaboration and fusion between broadcasting and communications, including cloud solutions, communication services between locations, ultra-low latency live delivery and multi-angle live delivery, as well as companies that support transmission and delivery through delivery platforms, and the link between TV and web content.

Streamlining video production workflows and supporting multiple media through cloud computing

Demo of AVID's IP Remote Live Production with Cloud

 For broadcasters and major production companies, the cloud is a key part of their programming. One of the major features of the cloud is the ability to manage large amounts of data, such as video, regardless of the capacity of the PC on the terminal, by having storage on the network.

 This has significant advantages in terms of cost and staffing, as multiple users can use the system at the same time from different locations. In addition, since there is no need to install software, the latest version of the program can always be used, regardless of the device model. Another common advantage is that various functions can be added or deleted at any time, and flexible configurations can be made according to the usage.

 As the shift to IP continues, the importance of the cloud will only grow in the context of video production.
 At last year's Inter BEE 2019, cloud giants such as Microsoft Japan and Amazon Web Services introduced video workflows using the cloud, while companies that provide existing video editing systems, such as AVID, also proposed services using the cloud. By incorporating AI into the application, work efficiency is greatly improved by adding programs, such as the automation of metadata creation, which was previously done manually.

Proposals for more efficient and multi-functional network transmission

"Vid View" proposed by INISOFT, distributes synchronized video from multiple cameras on a server, and allows the client to select the screen they like.

 At Inter BEE 2019, a number of companies introduced technologies that provide multiple viewpoints by synchronizing multiple video streams as well as transmission speed. Services such as those that allow viewers to switch between images of car races and idol groups in real time have also appeared. The service was notable for its ability to accommodate a variety of content viewing methods.

 In addition, a new communication service was announced that can easily realize high-definition public viewing, including 4K/8K. This is a communication service dedicated to video transmission, and can be used to communicate between two or three sites. This technology uses multiple bundles of 1 Gbps general lines to provide stable transmission capacity at a relatively low cost.

New proposals for VR and AR, including 8K support

Alpha Code demonstrated real-time VR delivery using an 8K camera.

 As a new media, VR/AR is expected to grow in the future. A variety of contents using live-action and CG were also proposed at Inter BEE 2019. The Digital Content Association of Japan's DC EXPO, held adjacent to Inter BEE 2019's ICT/Cross-media event, has expanded its exhibition scope and attracted a new class of visitors as a place where creators and companies involved in digital content can propose new video expression and provide products and support for video expression.

 Alpha Code proposed Blinky, a platform that enables easy delivery of VR content by uploading VR content, and demonstrated real-time delivery of VR using an 8K camera.

 The ICT/Cross-media Division will attract a wide range of producers, including those in the broadcasting and video production industries, as an area to propose the latest technologies and services. In the future, we expect to see more exhibits that make full use of cutting-edge technology for creators looking for new proposals and technologies.