Inter BEE 2024

Inter BEE Overview

The one and only comprehensive media event where professionals gather.

Inter Inter BEE is an international exhibition that brings together the latest innovations in the content business from Japan and abroad, as Japan's foremost professional exhibition for audio, video and communications, backed by a long history and proven track record.

As shown in the diagram below, Inter BEE is made up of three main elements.

The three main areas are "Exhibits," in which a wide variety of exhibitors present their cutting-edge products, "Special Events," in which specific fields are presented in a cross-sectional manner from exhibits to conferences, and "Conferences," in which stakeholders in the content business from Japan and abroad take the stage.

By integrating all three aspects, the content is deepened and boasts a high ability to attract visitors, and the majority of visitors (registration required) are broadcasters and other professionals involved in the content business, making the communication at the venue beneficial.

From an exhibitor's perspective, the ROI of exhibiting is extremely high, and the level of satisfaction among exhibitors is extremely high every year.

There are many ways to participate in Inter BEE, so please consider joining the "Inter BEE media".

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