Inter BEE 2024

Inter BEE 2020 ONLINE Exhibition Regulations

Please click here to download the Exhibition Guide and Application Form.

1. Exhibitor Eligibility

Companies and organizations that fall into one of the following categories are eligible to participate in Inter BEE 2020 ONLINE

  1. Equipment manufactures 
  2. Electronic components, devices, and materials manufacturers
  3. Broadcasting and communications companies
  4. Software and content production companies
  5. Trading and distribution companies
  6. Service companies
  7. Newspapers, magazines and other publishing companies
  8. Educational and research institutes
  9. Government organization, administrative corporations,
    public-interest corporations, nonprofit public and industry organizations

Note: Advertising companies and other related agencies are not allowed to represent any company that exhibits products even if said products are included in the aforementioned list of eligible businesses or products

2. Exhibit Application and Contract Agreement

Fill in the information required on the Exhibition Application Form, which is available in the Inter BEE Official Website, and submit the form. Japan Electronics Show Association, hereinafter may be referred to as the Association) will confirm its receipt of the form to the sender by e-mail; the receipt date stated in this confirmation e-mail is regarded as a contract date, and exhibitors are liable for the participation fee.

  1. Exhibitor application deadline Wednesday, September 30, 2020
  2. Joint exhibition is allowed in Inter BEE ONLINE.
    Exhibitors may list up to 2 companies under one "representative exhibitor" to apply and pay for the exhibition fee. Company profile of joint exhibitors can be inserted from the Exhibitor Console, an exhibitor exclusive site, which will be accessible starting August.
    The details on Exhibitor Console will be available at a later date.
  3. Refusal of application
    Applications from any persons involved in bankruptcy, composition, receivership, civil rehabilitation, corporate reorganization proceedings, or persons who are suspended from current account transactions from financial institutions, engaged in or involved in an antisocial activity, or have received administrative sanctions such as business suspension orders will not be accepted. Similarly, applications from any persons deemed by the Association to be involved in similar circumstances will not be accepted. If an exhibitor is found to fall into one of the categories described above after the contract has been concluded, the contract will be voided, and that exhibitor will not be permitted to exhibit. In such a case, participation fees paid by the exhibitor will be refunded. If deemed necessary by the Association, an investigation or inquiry into the surrounding circumstances will be conducted.

3. Exhibition Area, Exhibition Fee, Payment, Cancellation or Reduction

  1. Exhibition categories
    Professional Audio Equipment
    Video Expression/Professional Lighting
    Video Production/Broadcast Equipment
    ICT/Cross Media
  2. Exhibition fee
    Premium Plan 1,980,000JPY (including consumption tax)
    Standard Plan 880,000JPY (including consumption tax)
    Basic Plan 330,000JPY (including consumption tax)
  3. Payment of exhibition fee
    Exhibition fee payments are to be paid via electronic bank transfer by the deadline below. The Association will issue an invoice indicated with a designated bank account and account number. Checks and promissory notes are not acceptable as payment. Bank transfer fees are to be borne by the exhibitor. Please note that the description in the invoice will be uniformed to “Exhibition Fee”.
  4. Exhibition fee payment deadline Friday, October 30, 2020
  5. Cancellation of the exhibition or reduction of the exhibition fee
    If an exhibitor cancels participation or reduces the exhibition fee, regardless of the reason, the following application cancellation fee will apply.
    Consumption tax will be added to all cancellation fees.
    after Monday, November 2, 2020 100% of exhibition fee

4. Expenses Other than Exhibition Fee

Expenses other than exhibition fee are to be paid via electronic bank transfer by the deadline below. The Association will issue an invoice indicated with a designated bank account and account number. Checks and promissory notes are not acceptable as payment. Bank transfer fees are to be borne by the exhibitor. The billing source will be announced at a later date.

Deadline for the payment other than exhibition fee Friday, December 25, 2020

5. Important Exhibit Details and Prohibitions

5-1. Prohibited activities: The following activities are prohibited
  1. Transfer of exhibition space
    Subletting, selling, transferring, or exchanging exhibition space, either in whole or in part, to any third party, including other exhibitors is prohibited.
  2. Prohibition of exhibiting for the purpose of obtaining personal information
    It is prohibited to exhibit for the primary purpose of collecting personal information on visitors, rather than to display or to conduct PR of products and services. Furthermore, all exhibitors are requested to abide by the stipulations in Japan's personal information protection laws. Details on the collection and handling of personal information will be available at a later date. Guidelines will also be posted online in the Exhibitor Manual.
5-2. Responsibilities of exhibitors
  1. Prompt fee payment
    Exhibitors must pay all exhibition fees and expenses invoiced by The Association and bear responsibility until all payments are complete.
  2. Obeying the law
    Exhibitors must abide strictly by the laws and regulations of Japan.
5-3. Termination or shortening of exhibition duration due to force majeure
  1. If the online exhibition becomes difficult to continue because of an event of force majeure, the Organizers reserve the right to terminate or shorten the duration of the exhibition or the hours that the exhibition is open to the public, either before or during the exhibition. If the Organizers deem such action necessary, this information will be promptly notified to the exhibitors and published on the official Website. Neither the Organizers nor the Association shall assume any liability for damages incurred by exhibitors in such a case.
  2. If a force majeure which has occurred prior to the opening of Inter BEE, forces the exhibition to be cancelled, the Association will refund participation fees paid by exhibitors in full, minus charges for expenses incurred.
  3. However, if the duration of the exhibition is shortened by a force majeure which has occurred while Inter BEE is in session, the Association shall not be held liable to refund exhibition participation fees.
  4. The Association assumes no responsibility for expenses incurred by exhibitors owing to termination or shortened duration of the exhibition due to force majeure.
5-4. Copyright and portrait right
  1. All content, which are posted in the individual exhibition page, belong to the exhibitor concerned.
  2. For posting videos or playback recorded audiovisual presentations, etc., copyright procedures must be processed (not necessary for copyrights owned by your company and already processed the rights separately). For more information concerning the necessary procedures for obtaining permission from copyright holders, contact the Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers (JASRAC).

6. Exhibited Items and Management

6-1. Counterfeit or imitation products are strictly prohibited
  1. The display, distribution, or demonstration of counterfeit or imitation products that infringe on a third party's intellectual property rights (e.g. patents, trademarks, design rights, and/or copyrights, including overseas rights, etc.) or any other related activity is strictly prohibited.
  2. If the Organizing Committee and/or the Association discovers counterfeit or imitation products being posted, it reserves the right to terminate posting of these products from the exhibition. In addition, exhibitors shall not object to such measures.
  3. In addition to inspections for posted goods being counterfeit or imitation products, all exhibitors shall cooperate with the Organizing Committee and/or the Association whenever any type of inspection is conducted.
  4. Any disputes concerning the intellectual property rights of exhibited products shall be resolved between the parties concerned.
6-2. Comparison displays

As a general rule, exhibitors are requested to limit product comparisons to demonstrations between products and/or technologies of their own company or group companies. Exhibitors who plan to compare their products or technologies with those of other companies should first obtain advance permission from the other company and such comparisons must not infringe upon the property rights of that company or inconvenience them in any way. When the Organizers, Organizing Committee and/or Association identifies a display that is contrary to the above, they reserve the right to suspend the display or order that corrective measures be taken, with all costs incurred by the exhibitor. If said corrective measures are determined to be insufficient, the exhibitor may be barred from future participation in Inter BEE.

7. Violation of the Regulations and Discrepancies in Interpretation/ Others / Organizing Committee

7-1. Violation of the regulations and discrepancies in interpretation

If an exhibitor violates the Regulations; if there is a discrepancy in interpretation or the application of the regulations; if the Inter BEE Organizing Committee determines the violation will have a negative impact on visitors (web viewers) and other exhibitors; or the Organizing Committee determines the action is not appropriate; the Association reserves the right to refuse to exhibit, regardless of before or after the acceptance of application/exhibition contract, or while the Inter BEE 2020 ONLINE is in session. The interpretation of the Regulations, as defined in the original Japanese language will take precedence over those in English.

  1. If the Organizing Committee determines that an exhibitor has violated the exhibition regulations, the Association will request that the exhibitor take the necessary corrective measures.
  2. If the same violation described above (item 1) occurs again, or a discrepancy in interpretation of the Regulations occurs, the Organizing Committee will take the appropriate action and based on its final judgement, order the exhibitor in question to take the necessary corrective measures. Please note that once the Committee reaches a final ruling, the Committee will not enter into any further discussion with the exhibitor, nor be responsible for any incurred liabilities whatsoever.
  3. If an exhibitor has been ordered to take corrective measures described above (item 2), the exhibitor will be required to submit in writing on the same day, a description of the necessary corrective measures taken and the schedule at which they will be completed.
  4. If an exhibitor has been ordered to take corrective measures described above (item 2), and fails to do so accordingly (item 3), or if the corrective measures taken are determined to be insufficient by the Organizing Committee, the following penalties may apply.
    • 1. The exhibitor will be prohibited from posting exhibition information from the next day.
    • 2. If the penalty stated in item 1 above is ignored, the exhibitor will be barred from exhibiting at the subsequent Inter BEE exhibition.
7-2. Others
  1. Promissory notes cannot be accepted as payment for exhibition fees and all other expenses.
  2. These Regulations are subject to change as deemed necessary by the Organizers, the Organizing Committee or the Association. If changes occur to the Regulations, they will be announced on the Inter BEE Official Website, or brought to the attention of exhibitors by other means.
  3. Each exhibitor shall comply with the laws and regulations of Japan; the Organizers, Organizing Committee and the Association will not accept any responsibility resulting from violations of existing laws and/or local ordinances by exhibitors.
7-3. Organizing Committee

Comprised of exhibitor representatives, the Organizing Committee's role is to consider problem areas and reach appropriate decisions concerning the control, planning, and operation of the exhibition.