Inter BEE 2019


INTER BEE CREATIVE MEET-UP is a place where creators in various genres can gather, meet, expand their networks and produce new things. Using this large garden that has arrived at INTER BEE, it is possible for visitors to interact with each other, search for new information or knowledge, make submission to social networking sites with this place serving as a base and relax at leisure. Please feel free to use this multifunctional space with a new sense.

Hands-on Area

This is a hands-on exhibition corner that contains a compact cinema camera. Please use the sandy beach and hula dance as your photographic subject and enjoy a hands-on experience of the latest products.

Hands-on Area Exhibitors Audio Visual Communications Ltd.
Scenes Co., Ltd.
TASCAM/TEAC Corporation

Workshop Area

We will hold workshops to introduce equipment, products and software in video production from the perspective of the producer, workshops to convey techniques and workshops to provide hands-on experiences.

Nov 13 (Wed) To be announced
Nov 14 (Thu) Adobe User Meeting Powered by Vook
Vook After Party
Nov 15 (Fri) Vook LABO


We will implement fireside chats in this area as an opportunity to interact with INTER BEE CREATIVE speakers. You will be able to listen to behind-the-scenes stories that you couldn’t hear about in their speeches. In addition, you can interact with speakers at an even closer distance (e.g., Q&As).

Open Lounge

You can use the Open Lounge for multiple purposes – eating, taking a rest and meeting others. We will also hold fitness with video events to promote the health of creators. Please drop by if you feel a little tired from touring the venue. You can then continue touring the venue after refreshing yourself!