Inter BEE 2019

Support & Service

Information Dissemination Support

Use of Our Official Website

Exhibitors can post information about themselves and their exhibits by themselves. Many users will view the website throughout the year, and exhibitors can also post press releases.


News Center

We will create articles and videos relating to exhibit information to disseminate information. The interview videos (VOD) we take in booths are also very popular with our exhibitors.


Press Room

You can provide information on your exhibit here for coverage by members of the press visiting during the period of the event.


Presentation Room

You can hold presentations in convenient environment with multiple customers coming together under one roof.

16,500yen( 90 minutes

New Lead Acquisition / Customer Relations

Visitor Data Acquisition

We provide the rental of one barcode reader or QR code reader app free of charge.
It will be possible to easily collect the business card information of visitors.


Business Meeting Room Free

This is a shared space that you can use for meeting with your client and visitors. A drink service is also available.


Meeting Room

You can use this room for business meetings with customers and various conferences on a reservation basis.

5,500yen( 45 minutes

VIP Room

We will set up this room near the VIP Reception in the International Conference Hall. You can use this to welcome important clients and officials.

5,500yen( 60 minutes

Various Advertising Media

Strap Advertising

We distribute these straps to visitors and members of the press when they enter the venue. They then take these straps home with them afterward.。

Fee required

Guide Map Advertising

We distribute these maps to visitors on the day of the event.

Fee required

On-site Signboard Advertising

Please use these to mark the position of your booth and for branding.

Fee required