Inter BEE 2011:Hoei Sangyo demonstrates and introduces 3 archive system solution products such as Cache-A's LTO archive system

2011.11.18 UP

Hoei Sangyo Co., Ltd. exhibited and introduced 3 archive system solution products comprised of Cache-A's LTO-based archive appliance, Focus Enhancements' "ProxSys" media server, and Front Porch Digital's "SAMMAsoloHD" content migration solution.

■ Cache-A's LTO-based archive appliance on display

The Cache-A Archive Appliances product runs on Linux and makes use of highly reliable LTO tape used by finance-based corporations. It also incorporates a shared HDD which can be used as an NAS that supports RAIDO and RAIDO 1; an LTO drive; MySQL database; and Cache-A software. It is very easy to install and by simply connecting it to a network, it can archive, restore and perform setup with Web applications from machines on the network. It is said that this system is already being used as a data back-up system by local broadcasting stations and production companies .

This LTO tape uses the magnetic tape storage standard jointly formulated by Hewlett-Packard, IBM and Seagate Technology, and the LTO Generation 5 has a storage capacity of 1.5TB (3TB double compression). Mr. Takayoshi Yamazaki of Hoei Sangyo's Sales Support Department, explained that, from LTO-5, the LTFS (Long Term File System) format "records data to LTO tape with a computer and enables retrieval work to be performed by drag and drop. The LTO transfer rate of LTO-5 is speedy at 16 tracks and LTO-5 is low-cost at 10,000 yen per tape , making it ideal for long-term storage."

Cache-A products include the "Prime-Cache" installed with 1TB shared HDD (price: 805,000 yen (excl. tax)) and the "Pro-Cache 4/5" installed with 2TB of shared HDD (price: Pro Cache 4 - 1,100,000 yen (excl. tax); Pro-Cache5 - 1,350,000 yen). Pro-Cache includes library options that can manage contents by automatically archiving network-based content across multiple cartridges without manually converting LTO cartridges. Mr. Yamazaki explained that "content is automatically copied to LTO tape when saved in the shared HDD and LTO tape content remains even if HDD content is accidentally deleted."

■ Exhibition of "ProxSys" media server which registers video files and simultaneously generates proxy video for preview

Focus Enhancements' "ProxSys" media server is a digital asset management server that can centrally control flows from data origination from a VTR tape to backing it up in LTO tape. MPEG-4 based proxy video is automatically generated for registered video and this can be easily searched for via a web browser. In addition, since data confirmation and sorting and downloading original data can be performed while checking the results in a web browser, it is also possible to download high-resolution video materials in Tokyo, for example, from other places via the Internet, contributing to more efficient working practices. Mr. Yamazaki explained that original materials can be managed by "backing-up and saving infrequently materials used in LTO while placing frequently used materials in accessible places such as in the media server or NAS."

It also supports a wide variety of video formats including hi-vision formats such as MPEG2-HD, HDV, DVC-PRO HD, P2-MXF, XDCAM, Canon MXF, and AVCHD. It also allows time code-based video metadata to be added and registered. Mr. Yamazaki explained: "for example, information on performers in each scene and copyright information as well as content can be added along with a time code." It can also support nonlinear formats such as DNxHD and ProRes if the external render server option is included.

■ Exhibition of the "SAMMAsoloHD", a content migration solution that automates the migration of content from video tape to a file-based infrastructure

Front Porch Digital's "SAMMAsoloHD" content migration solution is a 1-channel input multi-encoding platform that can encode a variety of HD-compatible formats simultaneously and in real-time. Supported codes include lossless JPEG 200 for uncompressed archiving; MPEG-2 HD/SD; MPEG-1; DV; DNxHD format for editing systems; WMV9 and Flash for proxy video; H.264; and QuickTime. It also supports MXF files.

Mr. Yamasaki said that "hile it depends on the network, this product can simultaneously generate a maximum of 3 to 4 codec file formats from 1 VTR as well as 2 to 3 codec file formats for preview purposes. It can also store in files 100 hours of data in a week. Mr. Yamazaki went on to say that if it used in conjunction with the same company's DIVArchive content management system (CMS), "it is possible to build a file-based content storage management system".

This system is apparently used by CS broadcasters such as the Disney Channel and the Discovery Channel.

Another content migration solution is the "SAMMArobot", a videotape-based migration automation system that can be operated 24-hours-a-day unmanned, and is capable of executing 1000 hours of migration in a week.