Inter BEE 2010: Omneon exhibits a series of products from file-based recording to editing, as well as output and distribution-related technologies.

2010.11.21 UP

Omneon Spectrum media server

Omneon (booth #8111) focuses on broadcasting and production workflow technologies and exhibited products related to file-based recording and editing as well as output and distribution.

Spectrum is a media server that corresponds inherently to MXF and QuickTime formats; it also supports a wide range of IP transmission functions. MediaDeck is an all-in-one, compact delivery server and MediaGrid is a non-disruptive, central-storage server that is capable of answering diverse needs by acting as a linear line and editing server. ProBrowse is an application that generates low-resolution images while ProXchange is a high-speed transcoder used for broadcasting files and/or Internet-compatible formats. ProXplore is an application for SQL-based file management and automatic transfer management.