Inter BEE 2010: IMAGICA Digix displays the latest in post-production and real-time zone equipment.

2010.11.18 UP

The IMAGICA DIGIX (booth #7413) booth features displays that center on the theme of IMAGICA Digix as a solution integrator that offers ideas, development, and support. Displays within the booth have been separated into Post Production Zone and a Real Time Zone.

The development corner in the Post Production Zone features IMAGICA DIGIX's new product NoLio (Nonlinear RealTime Telopper), as well as plugins of all types. The editing corner offers a proposal for a system built around an ISIS5000, integrating AVID technology, Autodesk, and an Apple non-linear system. The 3D corner features displays of products compatible with Davio and other packages. The Real Time Zone offers displays of items such as multi-touch systems.