Inter BEE 2011:TEAC exhibits "CD-9010CF", a TSCAM brand CD/solid state player for broadcasting services

2011.11.18 UP

TEAC exhibited "CD-9010CF", a CD/solid state player for broadcasting services, as a TASCAM brand product aimed at professional users. It supports playback and ripping with a CF card based on a high-reliability mechanism that uses a drive produced by TEAC.

TEAC exhibited CD-9010CF, a CD/solid state player for broadcasting services, under the company's TASCAM brand aimed at professional users. CD equipment for broadcasting is often used for long periods so a level of reliability far surpassing that of consumer equipment is required. It is said that when consumer equipment, which is governed by cost concerns, is used by professionals, it breaks down in a very short amount of time. Although most defects are related to the equipment's mechanism, it has become difficult to find high-quality mechanisms in consumer equipment in recent years.

TEAC ensures the high-reliability required for broadcasting services by developing and manufacturing the mechanical parts in-house. The CD-9010CF exhibited at Inter BEE 2011 is equipped with a self-manufactured mechanism, and the said company is confident that it can withstand the rigorous handling of professionals. In addition, the CD-9010CF supports a wide variety of uses including the playback of recorded audio in a CF card as well as ripping from a CD to a CF card.
The company also announced the "RC-9010" remote control unit for CD-9010CF, and the product's dedicated armrest, the "AK-A9010".
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Installed with the company's own high-reliability mechanism, the CD-9010CF supports playback and ripping from a CF card (the photo shows the full-set combining the RC-9010 remote control unit and AK-A9010).