[Inter BEE 2018] Experience event "INTER BEE EXPERIENCE headphone/microphone audiovisual experience exhibition"

2018.10.18 UP

This year, too, "X-Headphone" and "X-Microphone" will be held in the Inter BEE Exhibition Hall 1 / pro-audio department. These two events boast the participation of the top manufacturers and retailers of, respectively, headphones and earphones, and vocal microphones. Together with "X-Speaker", where visitors can experience listening to the newest SR speakers suspended in mid-air, they are gathering the attention of stakeholders from the whole industry as "INTER BEE EXPERIENCE," one of the largest acoustic events in Japan.
Ten of the top manufacturers and retailers of vocal microphones will participate in X-Microphone. It will be an experience-type event where visitors will be able to try the microphones with their own voice and listen to the recordings through headphones.
Nine of the top manufacturers and retailers of headphones and earphones will participate in X-Headphone, where all the newest professional models are showcased together and available for testing in an experience-type environment. Visitors will be able to listen to both high resolution shared audio sources and the audio sources that each participant individually brought to the event. Furthermore, visitors will be able to connect their own music playing devices to try the headphones/earphones out.

[Companies participating in X-Microphone]
UETAX(Uetax Co.)
Aston microphones(Roland Co.)
TELEFUNKEN(Miyajishokai Co., M.I.D.)
SENNHEISER(Sennheiser Japan Co.)
audio-technica(Audio-Technica Co.)
SCHOEPS(Tech Trust Japan Co.)
Sony(Sony Marketing Co.)
beyerdynamic(Audio Brains Co.)
Ehrlund/Roswell Pro Audio(Otaritec Co.)
MASS-Kobo(MASS-Kobo Co.)

[Companies participating in X-Headphone]
SENNHEISER(Sennheiser Japan Co.)
ULTRASONE (Timelord Co.)
beyerdynamic (Teac Co.)
Yamaha (Yamaha Music Japan Co.)
SOUND WARRIOR (Studio Equipment Co.)
audio-technica(Audio-Technica Co.)
AKG (Hibino Co.)
SHURE (Shure Japan Co.)

Date and time: November 14th (Wednesday), 15th (Thursday) 10:00 am to 5:30 pm / 16th (Friday) 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Location: Makuhari Messe Exhibition Hall 1
[Reservation required for the listenings. Prior registration is necessary to enter Inter BEE 2018]