Inter BEE 2010: For-A greets the company's 40th anniversary, providing innovative products with the theme of "Continuous innovation". Also offers a live 3D relay via Ustream.

2010.11.19 UP

The LTR-100HS

For-A (Booth: 6416) greeted its 40th anniversary in October. While proclaiming "Continuous Innovation" is its new theme and responding flexibly to the changing times, For-A continues to provide innovative products.

At the Inter BEE, which is the start for this, For-A exhibited various filebase products, starting with LTO-5 video archive recorder the LTR-100HS, multi-purpose signal processor the FA-9500, HD /SD 1.5M/E video switcher the HVS-350HS, and many other products.

The following 10 points are the main points worthy of attention from For-A this year.
(1) VRCAM2: demonstration of simultaneous 2D/3D
(2) Media Concierge: Product demonstration
(3) LTR-100HS: Exhibition of various solutions
(4) ARIB TR-B31: File exchange standards compliance
(5) HVS-350HS: 4-screen multi-screen display
(6) FA-9500: Multi-function, multipurpose signal processor
(7) VFC-7000: High-speed camera that can also shoot 3D
(8) 3D-VWS Tri: New character generator
(9) HTG-35: Related products for digital analog rebroadcast
(10) Ustream relay in booth (including 3D relay)

The LTR-100HS achieves overwhelming recording capacity by mounting LTFS and LTO-5 drives. It supports conversion back and forth between HD /SD-SDI signals and MXF files and completes the entire process from ingesting to archiving in one unit. The LTR-100HS received the Pick Hit Award at the 2010 NAB show.

The FA-9500, which was being exhibited in Japan for the first time, is the successor model to the FA-9100 and has an up, down, cross and aspect converter and a color corrector all as standard equipment. Various improvements have been made to it to enable it to achieve more advanced functions and higher performance. Also, the FA-9500 combines a wealth of options and provides the video production site with optimum functions all in one unit.

The HVS-350HS is the 1.5 M/E edition model of the HVS-300HS portable video switcher, which is popular for its small size, advanced functions, and low price. While maintaining the basic functions of the HVS-300HS, the HVS-350HS has such upgrades as 2 multi-viewers, 2 still store systems, 6 keyers, multi-monitor, and sequence function support. 3D functions are also available.

Besides that, For-A has a full lineup of products that were new or were being unveiled in Japan for the first time. These include multiple format player the MBP-100MP, routing switcher for 3G /HD /SD /ASI /AES /Data the MFR-5000 Series, mixed HD /SD /analog /PC high definition multi-viewers the MV-3200 Series, high-speed HD camera the VFC-7000, HD and SD character generator the 3D-VWS with new added functions, HD and SF logo and title generator the LTG-50HS; in 3D products, sensor-less virtual studio system the VRCAM2, virtual studio system supporting 3D viewing the VRCAM S3D, and multi-channel video server the Mira from Abacus Company.

In its booth this year, For-A is conducting Internet broadcasts of live relays from the exhibition site using Ustream.

Also, within the program, it delivered video in 3D using the anaglyph method.