Inter BEE 2011:For-A exhibits "MediaConcierge" and super high-speed cameras

2011.11.18 UP

Continuing its theme of "Continuous Innovation" from last year, For-A Co. Ltd exhibited a wide array of next-generation file-based solutions and innovative baseband products.

■ File-based products
For-A's file-based products featured its enhanced "MediaConcierge" media management system and the new LTO-5 video archiving recorder, "LTR-120HS". Also on display were the LTO-5 video archiving recorder, "LTR-100HS" (MPEG-2 codec compatible), which won the Pick Hit Award at the NAB Show 2010; the MXF Clip Server "MBP-100SX/110SXA/100PD" geared towards journalism support systems; and the "Prism" instant on-air broadcast system.
■Products for TV commercials
Two new products related to TV commercial-making were exhibited. The "CM Master Maker" application creates commercial meta-data and can create, edit, and view files in line with the "Provisional Guidelines for Importing File-Based Media into Commercials". It supports the three main media formats: XDCAM, P2, and GF. In addition, the new "NeON VIII" subtitle broadcast creation system was also on display, which is compatible with subtitles for commercials.
Finally, the "MBP-100MP" multi-format player is a device capable of direct playback of each media format.

■ Products for live production
Exhibited live production-related products included the new HVS-4000HS 3G/HD/SD 2M/E-3M/E high-end video switcher, which is a multi-format switcher compatible with 2M/E, 2.5M/E, and 3M/E.
The HVS-350HS HD/SD 1.5M/E video switcher adds functionality for recording video directly to internal memory, and also works with CG wipes and other effects. The exhibit booth showcased this device used in conjunction with Abekas Inc.'s "Mira" multi-channel video server.

A reference version of the "SmartStudio" all-in-one live production system was on display, which is equipped with all functions required for studio work. It includes, among other things, template-based marquee functions, camera switching, clip player functions and playlists. Further, using it in conjunction with the HVS-300HS/350HS unlocks an even wider array of functionality.

■ Routing switchers and multi-viewers
The MFR Series of multi-function routing switchers allows the creation of matrices up to 128*128. They enable tally and automatic source name tracking connections with peripheral devices and their flexibility is perfect for building the core of a system. On display was a lineup of small form factor 32*32, 32*16, and 16*16 versions.
The high-definition MV-3200 multi-viewer can be used in conjunction with HD/SD/analog connections/PCs and offers a maximum of 32 inputs and 4 outputs. The totally customizable monitoring environment allows you to create free layouts, 90 degrees of rotation and more. An integrated display combined with Christie Digital's modular "Microtiles" was constructed at the venue.
The "MV-42HS" HD/SD multi-viewer is a new product that was exhibited for the first time. This multi-viewer features carefully selected functions at an affordable price with a total of four inputs. It allows for mixed HD/SD-SDI input and HD-SDI and DVI-D output. Users can also display audio level meters and timecodes with this device.

■ Processors
Three new processing products were exhibited.
The "FA-9500" multi-purpose 3G/HD/SD processor provides up/down/cross/aspect converters as standard features. A single unit can provide optimal functionality for all your video production on-site requirements including line, relay, reporting, production, editing and delivery.
Another item, the "FRC-8000" HD/SD framerate converter, took the "Best of IBC 2009" award at that expo. The booth exhibit featured this device with a touch-panel enhanced front panel and simulcast output option.
The new product on display was the "UFM-30FRC" HD/SD-compatible framerate converter.
The modular UFM-30FRC can be installed in a UFM frame and is compatible with HD/SD formats. Users can choose between a motion compensation processing mode and linear converter mode.

■ Specialty cameras
The "VFC-7000" high-speed HD camera is a variable frame rate camera that is capable of high-speed HD recordings. Since it allows for 700fps high-speed recording, it is ideal for sports program replays. This camera has already drawn attention in Western markets, garnering the "STAR Award" at the NAB Show 2011 and the "Best of IBC 2011" at IBC 2011.
The "EM-120H" is a new super high sensitivity camera (made in collaboration with Flovel Co. Ltd) and can shoot images in lighting as low as 0.02 lux. This HD EM-CCD camera covers a wide wavelength range and even allows you to take color video in settings lit only by moonlight.

■ Character generators/virtual studio systems
The "3D-VWS Tri" is a new HD/SD character generator that allows users to create 3D marquee objects, time lines, and edit animations along moving paths. It also works seamlessly when used in conjunction with the EDIUS6.
The VRCAM2 sensorless virtual studio system enables a virtual studio using a one-man-operated, no-cameraman environment. It offers a host of features including robust playlist functionality, on-air text editing and more. This product received the "Best of IBC Award" and "STAR Award" at IBC2009.

■OTC (one-touch controllers)
The "OTC-1000" is a new one-touch controller made in collaboration with Riverfield. This one-touch control system features a touch panel which allows for program production and delivery that is "user-friendly", "quick", and "reliable".

■For-A YEM Eletex products
On February 28th this year , For-A acquired full stock rights to YEM Eletex from Flight Systems Consulting Inc. As of April 1st, 2011, YEM Eletex became a wholly-owned subsidiary of For-A, and two new products were exhibited under the For-A YEM Eletex name.
The "TSD-6200" data broadcast auto switcher is a TS auto switcher that swiftly and automatically locks functionality when an error event occurs.
The "EDD-5200/6200P" multi-format time lag checker is a checking device that calculates latency among audio channels or between an audio and video track.