Inter BEE 2010: Sanshin Electronics exhibits the Harris Corporation X50 multi-format converter.

2010.11.19 UP

Sanshin Electronics booth.
Harris' Multi-format Converter X50.

Harris' Multi-format Converter X50.

Sanshin Electronics (booth #7104) displayed an optimized product lineup for all aspects of video production, editing, archiving, and delivery. Sanshin Electronics offers solutions for systems in Japan using the latest video equipment from overseas.

The company provides cutting-edge business solutions with superior cost performance, focusing on Harris Corporation's BCD products, which include everything from 3D work flows and video storage networks to IP video distribution systems, VOD systems, and Blu-ray authoring systems.

At the venue, Sanshin Electronics exhibited the Harris X50 multi-format converter. This product first went on sale at Inter BEE 2009 in November, and has become a popular model, selling 200 units in Japan in the course of a year. Combining an up-converter, down-converter, and cross-converter in a single product, the X50 multi-format converter boasts excellent functions such image signal conversion and frame synchronization.

In addition to the X50 multi-format converter, Sanshin Electronics also offers products such as Studio Network Solutions, Sonnet, Inlet, and NetBlender, catering to a range of video production needs.