Inter BEE 2010: OTARITEC Corporation exhibits two models, the SADIE — a fully upgraded digital audio workstation (DAW) — and the Sapphire of German company LAWO.

2010.11.21 UP

A fully upgraded SADIE version 6.
Sapphire by Germany's LAWO.

Sapphire by Germany's LAWO.

OTARITEC Corporation exhibited their latest digital audio workstation (DAW) named SADIE -- well regarded for its superb sound quality -- which has been fully upgraded to version 6.

Up until now, SADIE was a turnkey system created for specialized hardware but the latest SADIE 6 has been switched to native software. This product is designed for use in mastering houses, broadcasting, and live recordings.

The Sapphire introduced at IBC is a product developed by the German digital console manufacturer LAWO. It is engineered to provide simpler and easier operation that is suitable for small- to mid-sized studios and broadcasters. LAWO manufactures a variety of large-sized consoles but the Sapphire maintains its high quality even while being downsized.

Other products on exhibit included the 8260A by GENELEC that is equipped with a coaxial unit, and the MEDIORNET audio-video transmission system by RIEDEL that supports an all-new optical fiber system.