Inter BEE 2010: IT Access demonstrates the Baton digital content automatic inspection system.

2010.11.21 UP

Demonstration of the Baton system.
Miho Fukuda, Sales Division at IT Access.

Miho Fukuda, Sales Division at IT Access.

IT Access exhibited a Baton digital content automatic inspection system at the Kyoshin Communications' booth.

The Baton system not only automatically checks AV streams but also initiates appropriate measures when abnormalities are detected. A demonstration was performed at the Japan Hewlett Packard booth by connecting the Baton system to media platforms such as the HP Media Workflow Master that are compatible with other applications. Commands and other information were exchanged between the platforms via API while required processing was initiated.

Nobushiko Katsuoka, a senior engineer at IT Access (Technical Group, Osaka Branch) said that, "The performance and accuracy of Baton outclass other systems as the quality of AV stream inspection, which is its core function, has long history of excellence with encoding LSI manufacturers". Mr. Katsuoka also said, "For syntax checking, the interpretation of specifications alone is not adequate to ensure accuracy and quality so Baton has been designed for the production and broadcasting fields by incorporating required characteristics such as data links, automatic execution, and more to its inspection capabilities".